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Leamington, ON

Find Your Moment with Solei Sungrown Cannabis

We believe it should be easy for anyone to choose the right cannabis product for any occasion. That’s why our products are curated to complement the familiar Moments of every-day.

We’re committed to sustainable processes that allow us to grow our cannabis by harnessing natural sunlight and using energy efficient systems.

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Discover Solei

Solei exists to re-discover the moments of everyday life. Our mission is to simplify the cannabis experience, allowing anyone to educate themselves on their cannabis journey.

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Find Your Moment

Whether you’re familiar with cannabis or looking to explore, we’ve curated 6 “Moments” product lines to help guide the choice of the right cannabis product for the every occasion:
Renew – Nights In
Unplug – Evening
Balance – Mid-Day
Free – Any Time
Sense – Date Night
Gather – Nights Out

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A Range of Format Options

There are a variety of ways to discover Solei’s sungrown cannabis. Each Moments’ products are available a variety of formats, allowing you to control your cannabis experience. Choose from perfectly flowered, sun-grown dried flower and skillfully crafted pre-rolls with all-natural papers, to smoke-free options such as bottled oils, convenient oral sprays and pre-measured softgels. Solei’s Moments are also now easier to discover than ever with new 100% plant-based, easy to use vape pens.

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Sustainably Sungrown Cannabis

Our growing practices are rooted in a simple philosophy: provide uncompromising quality cannabis that is expertly cultivated in our eco-friendly, sun-filled greenhouses. Our greenhouses are located in sunny Leamington Ontario, the greenhouse capital of Canada, where we hardness the power of the sun along with proprietary growing techniques and technologies to reduce water consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Discover a Simple Moment.

Discovering Solei’s Moments is about to be simpler than ever. Solei’s vapes are made from 100% plant-based materials; high-quality cannabis extract is paired with plant-derived terpenes, and no additional ingredients. All Solei vapes include some CBD for a balanced and smooth flavour and virtually no cannabis taste or smell. Available in three easy-to-use formats; Solei All-in-One Pens, Solei Cartridges, and Solei Pax Pods.

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