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Pure Sunfarms


Vancouver, BC

About Us

At Pure Sunfarms, our decades of knowledge in greenhouse growing combined with a legacy of BC cannabis cultivation, allows us to deliver quality product. We select strains that thrive in our sunlight-filled, modern greenhouse ensuring we offer consistent, potent, and flavourful cannabis grown with care.

From the pure light of British Columbia. And an even purer love of plants.


BC Grown With Care

BC’s reputation for top quality cannabis is world-famous. With ideal climate and growing conditions, notably the best in Canada, the Fraser Valley is the perfect place to grow.


For the Love of Plants

First and Foremost, we love plants. All plants. Especially cannabis. Our mother plants are handpicked from hundreds of possible selections, chosen for flavour, potency, and their ability to thrive under our modern growing approach – one defined by our surroundings, and the science of sophisticated greenhouse growing.


Farm to Flower

Our unique and diverse agricultural pedigree with not just cannabis, but other crops like tomatoes and peppers, lets us look at cannabis from a different perspective; respectful of the story of BC cannabis and excited to write new chapters. At Pure Sunfarms, putting plants and people first is at the heart of what we do every day.

Our Growers

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