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November 28, 2023 OCS announces inaugural Social Impact Fund community partnerships
October 3, 2023 Ontario Cannabis Store launches “Trailblazers” educational campaign
September 14, 2023 OCS launches ‘Good All Around’ social impact platform
July 10, 2023 New OCS public education campaign clears up confusion and encourages Ontarians to make informed decisions about cannabis
April 25, 2023

OCS Launches Social Impact Fund to Champion a Socially Responsible Industry

April 19, 2023

OCS responds to Mississauga City Council’s decision to permit legal cannabis retail stores
February 16, 2023 OCS announces upcoming changes to pricing structure
January 9, 2023 OCS Announces Digital Campaign in Support of Cannabis Made Clear Education Platform
November 23, 2022 Ontario Cannabis Store responds to Health Canada’s legislative review of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations
October 3, 2022 Ontario Cannabis Store Launches “Buy Legal’ Public Education Campaign
August 10, 2022 OCS in the process of resuming operations at its third-party distribution centre
August 9, 2022 OCS updates on service disruption at its third-party distribution centre
August 8, 2022 Media Update – Service Disruption at Ontario Cannabis Store’s third-party operated distribution centre due to cyber incident
July 7, 2022 OCRC Board Appoints Permanent President & Chief Executive Officer
April 14, 2022 OCS Publishes Q3: A Quarterly Review Insights Publication
April 6, 2022

Ontario cannabis study shows illegal cannabis fails to deliver the goods

February 1, 2022

In partnership with OCS, Deloitte publishes a Canadian Cannabis Study: An industry makes its mark

December 15, 2021 OCS Publishes Q2: A Quarterly Review Insights Publication
October 20, 2021 OCS Publishes Q1: A Quarterly Review Insights Publication
June 29, 2021 OCS Publishes A Year in Review Insights Publication
March 12, 2021 OCRC Board Announces Launch of Leadership Search
October 17, 2020

Ontario Surpasses 200 Cannabis Retail Stores On Second Anniversary of Legalization

September 28, 2020 OCRC Board Announces New OCS Leadership as Growth Remains Primary Focus
June 26, 2020 OCS Celebrates Reaching 100 Retail Stores in Ontario
June 8, 2020 OCS Publishes Report on Ontario’s First Full Fiscal Year of Legal Cannabis Operations
March 6, 2020 Update on the Launch of Cannabis 2.0
February 19, 2020 Continuing To Improve Product Competitiveness
January 15, 2020 New Cannabis Products Available January 16, 2020
October 15, 2019 Ontario Cannabis Store Consulting on Options to Increase Private Sector Participation in Cannabis Delivery
September 5, 2019 OCS Announces New President and CEO

June 10, 2019

Ontario Cannabis Store Issues Product Call For New Product Categories
June 7, 2019 Ontario Cannabis Store Secures Additional Supply With Two New Agreements
February 28, 2019 OCS Meets With Retailers To Kick Off Wholesale Business
February 7, 2019 Ontario Cannabis Store Secures Additional Supply Agreements With Licensed Producers
November 12, 2018 OCS Clears Order Backlog, Commits To Continued Improvement
November 7, 2018 Privacy Update
October 28, 2018 Update From The OCS On Product Delivery
October 25, 2018 Update From The OCS On Product Shipping And Customer Service
October 23, 2018 Update From The OCS On Product Shipping
October 19, 2018 Update From The OCS On The Launch Of Online Sales