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St. Thomas, Ontario

Juici. hits to get you lit.

LITTI. is the ultimate source of lit vibes! Think fun, positivity, and fully embracing your uniquely awesome flavour. At LITTI. you can expect an explosion of juicy good feels with our range of infused prerolls and potent vapes packed with THC, liquid diamonds and one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering flavours like our D'oh Boi Dunkz! What’s more? We're all about keeping it quality while staying affordable, making sure our primo products are accessible to everyone! Join us at @Litti.Peeps, spread those positive vibes, and let’s make it LITTI.... together.

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Our vapes? Way beyond the usual. Forget regular THC disti vapes because ours are also rockin' liquid diamonds and packed with the most unique and yummiest terps. So whether you're looking for a 510 cart or a disposable pen for puffin' on the go, brace yourself for big hits and big flavours that'll blow your mind with every puff!

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Infused Prerolls

Our mission? To elevate your toking game. These pre-rolls?They're not just rolled, they're crafted to perfection. Jam-packed with primo flower, infused with pure THC goodness, and sprinkled with some of the most unique terps. One puff and you'll know—this ain't your average smoke break.

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Your vibe. Your flavour.

At LITTI., we're about big hits, big flavour, high quality and low price point. And no matter your vibe, we've got you! Say what's up to our peanut butter & jelly flavoured PB&J WTF?! Feelin' that tropical vibe instead? Grab our Gulupa Gulp for that vacay feels. We're all
about flavors that match your mood, because everyone's part of the LITTI. crew. Plus, we make sure our flavours pop
without breaking the bank. 

Premium Cannabis Flower

Quality Extraction &Processing

Unique Mouth-WateringFlavours

Low Price Point

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