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Mera Cannabis


St. Thomas, Ontario

Keepin' it real, raw and potent.

GREAZY is all about cranking up the GREAZYest parts of a dope strain and making sure those THC and terp levels are off the charts. GREAZY brings the heat like no other, specializing in products made for the heavy duty toker and dabber. ​

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Infused Prerolls

Greazy’s infused pre-rolls are not your typical joints. They’re
crafted from single-source fresh-frozen flower, and snatched right at the perfect moment to trap in all those sweet cannabinoids and terps. We’re talking about prerolls infused with live resin or diamonds & sauce and coated in
top-shelf kief!  

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Extracts & Concentrates

Only the finest extracts make the GREAZY cut! Our concentrates are made with single source fresh-frozen flower and snatched right at harvest to lock in all those sweet cannabinoids and terps that make it pop. Whether you're looking for that MAC10 gas or our single-strain live resins, Greazy has your

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The vape that hits like a dab.

The GREAZY Grav Sauce 1 gram vape cart is not your average thc vape cart. It’s all-ceramic and packed with liquid diamonds mixed with pure, centrifuged live terps. Our terp sauce was so GREAZY we had to mix it with our THCA diamonds to create the perfect 1 gram 510 vape cart that hits hard like a dab!

"Single-Strain Extracts" 

"Quality Extraction & Processing"

"High THC & Terps"

"Be Part of the Greazy Fam"

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