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Dosecann Inc


Charlottetown, PE

See Cannabis Differently

Foray looks to both support and educate one’s foray into cannabis. More than a trusted cannabis provider, we aim to be a partner, a guide, and a facilitator of one’s desired experiences, providing Canadians with the educational resources and network of support they need to gain familiarity with a diverse range of easy-to-use cannabis products.


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Our Values

We believe that everyone’s cannabis journey is uniquely their own. ​ We believe that cannabis consumption should be a positive experience and strive to facilitate that for those who express interest in the category. ​

We believe that responsible cannabis consumption is built on a foundation of education and autonomous decision making. ​ We believe that adults interested in cannabis deserve access to reliable cannabis products which reflect their preferences.

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Made with a sativa/indica blend, Foray chocolates are expertly formulated and manufactured by Canadian producer Dosecann using high quality cannabis distillate.

Our Foray chocolates contain natural, traceable ingredients supplied by a leading cocoa producer and chocolate supplier.

Foray offers lower dose chocolates available in a 4 piece bar. Higher dosed individual squares of our signature flavours are also available.

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Vegan Soft Chews

The Foray collection of soft chews features a wide range of our signature flavours.

Made with a sativa/indica blend, our soft chews are expertly formulated and manufactured by leading Canadian producer Dosecann, using high quality cannabis distillate.

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Made with high quality cannabis distillate, our handheld vapes are available in sativa, indica, 1:1 and CBD formulas. Custom tailor your desired experience. ​

​Our cannabis extracts are formulated by leading Canadian producer Dosecann. Our vape pens are tested rigorously to ensure high quality, discreet dosing. Contain only two ingredients: cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes. ​

​To ensure a consistent vaping experience with each use, our devices contain a USB-chargeable lithium ion battery.

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