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Charlottetown, PEI

See Cannabis Differently

Designed for the curious, we aim to both celebrate and educate one’s foray into cannabis, ultimately inviting them to see cannabis differently. Foray is not only a trusted cannabis provider—we’re a partner, a guide, and a facilitator of your designed experiences.


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Made with high quality distillate, our handheld vapes are available in a full range of potencies and cannabinoid profiles so you can tailor your desired experience.

Our vape pens are tested rigorously to ensure high quality, discreet dosing. Available in cartridge and all-in-one formats.

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More is more

Edi’s is making edibles fun again! We’re taking Foray’s high quality soft chews and chocolates and turning them snackable. Edi’s is all about more: more pieces, more taste, more flavour, and more enjoyment by bringing nostalgia, emotion, and ritual into the cannabis space.

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Gumdrops & Soft Chews

Always be snacking! Edi’s has combined your two favourite things: candy and joy! Edi’s edibles come in large packs so you can really savour the taste of our high quality gumdrops and soft chews. Each package contains 20 or 30 low-dose pieces.

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Chocolate Minis

Foray’s familiar favourites are re-imagined by Edi’s in a snackable format. Each package contains 20 bite-sized chocolates with 0.5 mg potency per piece. Edi’s Chocolate Minis are sourced from one of the world’s finest European chocolatiers.

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