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The evidence-backed resources — about consumption methods, health effects, laws and harm reduction — on this page can help provide clarity so you can feel confident about your choices and reduce the potential risk to yourself and those around you. Research into cannabis and its effects continues to evolve; the resources on this page will be updated to reflect the latest evidence.

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Legal Use

Cannabis and Youth

Health Effects

Responsible Use

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Learn how to identify legal cannabis products and Authorized Cannabis Stores.

How to speak to youth about cannabis and provide evidence-based information without judgment.

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Discover some of the short- and long-term effects regular cannabis use can have on the human brain.

Everything you need to know about choosing to consume cannabis through inhalation.

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Resources and References

To create Cannabis Made Clear, we consulted trusted sources and expert voices. Find those sources on this page, along with resources you can refer to for additional information and support.