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Ontario Sun-Grown Full-Spectrum Cannabis

ABIDE sun-grown products focus on delivering the highest quality full-spectrum offerings produced in the most sustainable manner. We value the process that goes into perfecting a craft. All Abide products are artisanal and made exclusively with natural, botanical ingredients. They are hand-produced in small batches locally by us to ensure the highest standards are met and brought directly to you.

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Old School & CBG Kief Infused Pre-Rolls

Love the classics? ABIDE OG Haze Pre-Rolls deliver the perfect old-school high with 20% THC. Each pack contains 5x0.4g pre-rolls packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable cardboard box. Curious about CBG? Abide’s CBG Infused Variety Pack includes 3x0.5g Pre-Rolls of varied cannabinoid profiles, each infused with CBG kief. Orange is THC (OG Haze) x CBG, Yellow is CBD (Cherry Blossom) x CBG, and Purple is a 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG. Each pre-roll has 5-6% (20-25 mg/Pre-Roll) Total CBG.

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Chill out or Turn It Up with 6:9 & 10:4 Pre-Rolls

ABIDE 6:9 and 10:4 Pre-Rolls are a custom blend of ABIDE’s OG Haze and WholeHemp’s Premium CBD Flower. Each package contains 5x0.4g balanced pre-rolls made from finest sun-grown high THC and CBD flower and blended to deliver a consistent cannabinoid profile. 6:9 Pre-Rolls are CBD dominant with a ratio of 6% THC and 9% CBD and 10:4 Pre-Rolls are 10% THC and 4% CBD for a 2.5:1 THC:CBD ratio. Both are wrapped in unbleached Pure Hemp cones and packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable cardboard box.

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Get Your Roll On with Abide Balanced Milled Flower

A custom blend of ABIDE’s sun-grown Sativa OG Haze and WholeHemp’s Cherry Blossom CBD flower, this milled cannabis is ready to roll and made from sun-grown premium flower (never trim), hand-selected from ABIDE’s farm-grown THC flower and WholeHemp Premium CBD Flower. These high-grade flowers are hand-selected from elite strains and milled and blended to deliver a 6% THC to 9% CBD ratio (6:9) or a 10%THC to 4% CBD (10:4).

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20:10 THC:CBD Full Spectrum Infused Oil

Abide's 20:10 Full Spectrum THC Oil contains 600mg of THC and 300mg of CBD (20mg/ml THC and 10mg/ml CBD). It is made by infusing organic sunflower oil with sungrown OG Haze and Premium CBD flower, all in a 30ml reusable amber glass bottle. Taste the power of full spectrum!

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Easy-to-Swallow Full Spectrum THC SoftGels

Stay balanced with 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBD in each softgel. Abide THC SoftGels are full-spectrum and filled with organic sunflower oil infused with OG Haze and Premium CBD sun-grown flower. Each reusable or recyclable glass jar contains 15 Softgel easy-to-swallow capsules.

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Versatile and luxurious CBD+THC+Shea Butter Cream!

ABIDE CBD+THC Cream is a versatile and luxurious cream made with all botanical ingredients. Each jar contains 125mg of Total CBD and 125mg of Total THC. This CBD+THC cream has a great feel as it is made by whipping full-spectrum CBD+THC oil into pure shea butter, giving it a high viscosity and light texture. It applies smoothly, is absorbed readily by the skin and penetrates deeply. It just doesn't get any better.

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Have you ever been Experienced?

OG Haze, CBG Kief–infused, 6:9 and 10:4, Abide has a sun-grown experience in a pre-roll made just for you. Always wrapped in unbleached hemp and packaged in recylable cardboard, try one or try them all!

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Ready-to-Roll Custom-Blended Balanced Flower

ABIDE’s premium hybrid sun-grown flower blend of OG Haze and WholeHemp’s Cherry Blossom premium CBD Flower is ready-to-roll milled cannabis made from premium sun-grown flower, hand-selected from elite strains and blended to deliver a consistent 10:4 or 6:9 experience.

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