Update From The OCS On Product Shipping - October 23, 2018

The OCS website has functioned well and has been able to process more than 100,000 orders since the federal government’s legalization of cannabis. Ontario received more orders for cannabis online in the first 24 hours then all other provinces combined, according to publicly released figures. Despite this, OCS has adequate product supply to fulfill these orders, and continues to receive supply on a regular basis.

Our staff is working around the clock to fulfill customer orders. Still, the unbelievably high demand and complications related to rotating strikes at Canada Post will mean longer-than-expected delivery times for some people. 

While a majority of first-day orders will be fulfilled within days, many first-day customers will still see delivery times that are longer. With over 9,000 Canada Post workers off the job in the GTA today, delivery times could be further impacted as the situation at Canada Post unfolds.

As we work to mitigate the ongoing impacts of the Canada Post labour disruptions, we have also taken a number of steps to add additional capacity to our processing facility that will help meet the unprecedented demand we have seen since October 17th.  

“We ask for and appreciate the public’s patience as OCS continues to process orders as quickly as possible as this new business takes hold in Ontario,” said Patrick Ford, OCS President.

OCS has a contingency plan in the event orders cannot be fulfilled due to the ongoing labour dispute at Canada Post, and will provide details at such time it would become necessary to put this plan into action.

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