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Wedding Cake Strain Info

Let’s talk about Wedding Cake — an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s sweet and strong. You’ll learn about the history of the Wedding Cake strain, its characteristics, growing methods and more.  

Featured Flower: Wedding Cake


Aroma and Taste Icons

Aroma and taste: Sweet, lemony, peppery, earthy
Appearance: Dense buds with a mix of dark and light green leaves coated in sugary trichomes
Strain type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Common dominant terpenes: myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, humulene
Average THC: High     Average CBD: Low 

What is Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake is a cultivar that’s relatively new on the scene. The fragrant strain is associated with sweet aromas, potent THC content and the crystal-frosted buds that earned the strain its popularity.

Wedding Cake lineage

While there’s some disagreement on the specific ingredients that make up Wedding Cake, the ancestry of all the variations include:

  • a strain with Cookies parentage, traced back to the Cookies Fam, a famed San Francisco cannabis breeder founded in the early 2010s
  • a tasty indica-dominant strain

Let’s look at two indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strains that are popularly called Wedding Cake. They share similarities, but each one has distinct properties and different parent strains.

  1. A cross of GSC and indica-dominant Cherry Pie (also originated by the Cookies Fam), a.k.a. Pink Cookies, especially in Canada
  2. A cross of Triangle Kush (an indica) and Animal Mints (a hybrid cross of Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies) 

Note that the names Wedding Cake, Pink Cookies and Triangle Mints #23 are sometimes used interchangeably. Read more from the Licensed Producer of a particular batch to learn more about the parentage of the specific product.

Wedding Cake Buds

Wedding Cake strain characteristics

While the lineages may be different, the Wedding Cake strains mentioned above share many of the same characteristics. The common strain characteristics of Wedding Cake include:

  • High THC levels and low CBD levels
  • Rich cannabinoid profile
  • Indica-dominant
  • Sweet, citrusy aroma (reminiscent of cake batter!), balanced with earthy, herbal notes
  • Mix of dark and light green leaves
  • Dense trichome coverage

Potential effects of Wedding Cake

The short- and long-term effects of cannabis consumption are different for everyone, no matter the strain. If you’re considering exploring Wedding Cake strain, keep in mind that it has very high THC content, so as always, start low and go slow. Higher amounts of THC are also associated with negative mental health outcomes in some consumers with a family history of mental illness.

The short-term effects of consuming cannabis can include:

  • feelings of relaxation
  • anxiety, fear, restlessness or panic
  • heightened senses, such as smell and taste
  • feeling euphoric or “high”
  • trouble with memory or concentration
  • decreased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate (particularly for people with heart conditions or high blood pressure)
  • sleepiness or tiredness
  • increased appetite
  • loss of inhibition or motivation

It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and the effects you experience can depend on factors such as the dosage and your tolerance and physiology.

Growing Wedding Cake

Growing Wedding Cake

Though Wedding Cake can be cultivated inside or outdoors, make no mistake: this strain isn’t an easy one to grow. The plants are extremely sensitive to lighting intensity, temperature, humidity and irrigation. When grown commercially, producers use strategies like introducing cool nights later in the flowering cycle and pruning at precise intervals throughout the growth period to cater to the plant’s unique needs.

Height: This dense, bushy strain can be kept at a height of 70 cm indoors, and peaks at 1.5 m outdoors.

Climate: Wedding Cake can be adapted to both high- and low-stress environments, but it thrives when provided with ample airflow throughout its life cycle. During the vegetative stage, it prefers slightly higher humidity levels, while the bloom phase benefits from lower humidity.

Yield: After a flowering phase of eight to 10 weeks, indoor plants can produce up to 500 g per square metre of flower. With outdoor plants, you can plan to harvest up to 600 g per plant in early October.

Wedding Cake Characteristics

What are some strains similar to Wedding Cake?

If you’ve enjoyed your experience consuming Wedding Cake, you may be looking for similar strains. Thanks to the popularity of Wedding Cake’s parent strains, there are lots of other cultivars that have some genetics and characteristics in common. Bear in mind that enjoying one strain doesn’t guarantee a positive result with one of its relatives, and always explore with caution.

GSC: This indica-dominant hybrid is one of the potential parent strains of Wedding Cake. With a high THC percentage and a sweet, lemony terpene profile, GSC shares some genetic commonalities with Wedding Cake.

Thin Mints: A strain classified as a phenotype of GSC, Thin Mints shares the same lineage and genetics, but it expresses those genes in a unique way. Thin Mints is particularly renowned for its minty flavour, adding a refreshing twist to the genetic heritage it shares with Wedding Cake.

Cherry Pie: While the status of Cherry Pie as a parent strain of Wedding Cake is debated, this indica-dominant hybrid is celebrated for its pungent sweetness and high THC potential.

Triangle Kush: Some Wedding Cake lovers believe this indica-dominant kush to be one of the strain’s parents. Compared to Wedding Cake, it features more herbal and earthy notes.

Will I like Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake has gained popularity for its sweet flavours and potent THC content. It’s popular with consumers who like indica-dominant strains that are as potent as they are pungent. Vaporizing the cannabis at a low heat may help preserve some of the tasty terpenes that make this strain special. If you decide to see for yourself why the strain is so well-liked, be sure to start low and go slow with this very potent strain.

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