Cannabis Health & Safety

Can I get hurt consuming cannabis?

There is no documented case of death resulting from a toxic overdose of cannabis.

However, it is possible to “overconsume” cannabis, whereby short-term and long-term adverse effects can occur, especially if you consume large amounts. Short-term adverse effects may include confusion, fatigue and anxiety, panic, paranoia, elevated heart rate, and a significant impact to your ability to make decisions and react quickly.

The potential long-term risks include harm to your memory, decision-making ability, concentration, intelligence and mental health harms. Inhaling cannabis long term may also lead to lung damage and infections.

Driving or operating large machinery after consuming cannabis would present great risks to yourself and others. Remember that driving while impaired is against the law.

It’s also crucial to keep all cannabis products stored safely to avoid consumption by children or pets.

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What are the mental health
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