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BZAM Cannabis


Vancouver, BC

Medium vibes only

When you just want what’s good, nothing fancy – that’s TABLE TOP™. We’re not reinventing sliced bread (don’t have the budget) but we do know decent weed. That’s a good thing, too, because it’s kind of our main gig. The lights are still on so we must be doing something right. Check out our dried flower, vapes and pre-rolls next time you want to stock up without breaking the bank!!!

Do you like options? We’ve got ‘em!

Table Top en 1

Pick a bud. Grab an ounce. Roll one up.

Try something new. Stick with an old fave. Do what you want… we’re not the boss of you! Whatever you choose, we’ve got some decent dried flower on the table with high THC in tight ranges, freshness and flavour. Available in sizes for all vibes, from eighths to ounces!

Table Top en 2

Don’t wanna roll? We got you.

If your rolling skills could use some work or you just don’t have time to bust out your grinder and papers, do we have the vibe for you… pre-rolls! All rolled up and ready to grab and go. Just add fire. So convenient!!!

Table Top en 3

Our vapes are pretty good too.

We make our vapes using cryo-ethanol extraction which produces an odourless cannabis oil. Then we add botanical-derived terpenes to get strain-specific flavours. We don’t add solvents, pigments, fillers, waxes or phytol. AND our cartridges feature No Burn Technology™ to minimize overheating and burnt flavours. Wow. Science-y!

Medium vibes

High THC

3.5g - 28g bags

Vapes & pre-rolls too!

Meet us at the spot at 4:20?
Hit up every day at 4:20 pm for a special surprise! Sign the guestbook while you're at it. Thx.

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