Social Impact Report

Introducing the Good All Around Social Impact Report: 2021 to 2023 

The inaugural Social Impact Report recaps the evolution and impact of the OCS’s Social Responsibility Strategy from 2021 to the end of 2023. 

The OCS will regularly publish the Social Impact Report to provide ongoing progress updates related to priority social responsibility commitments as we work to enable Canada’s largest and most vibrant cannabis marketplace. 

Learn how the OCS is driving positive change to support a socially responsible and vibrant cannabis sector in Ontario

We believe it is the OCS’s role to lead by example as we establish high standards for social responsibility in the legal cannabis space. The Good All Around Social Impact Report illustrates how we are driving positive change toward our key pillars of social responsibility:  

1. Establishing a Foundation for Environmental Sustainability
2. Supporting a Diverse & Inclusive Cannabis Industry in Ontario
3. Advancing Cannabis Knowledge & Promoting Responsible Consumption  

With transparency and accountability as our guide, the Social Impact Report leverages data to provide an open and honest account of how this work is unfolding.

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“Since its inception, the OCS has endeavoured not only to enable Canada’s largest and most vibrant cannabis marketplace, but to operate our business in a way that prioritizes safe access to legal cannabis, responsible consumption, and contributes positively to the people of Ontario.”

David Lobo, President & CEO, OCS