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3 Summer Edibles Trends for 2023

Make the most of the last of the season. Check out this summer’s hottest cannabis edible trends here to elevate your weekend. 

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As we move into the steamy last days of summer, it’s time to make the most of your weekends. Whether you’re planning a celebration or just enjoying some downtime, we’ve rounded up this season’s trending cannabis edibles, from nostalgic camping treats to savoury additions to your barbecue and convenient snacks that won’t melt in the outdoor heat. With these fresh and creative new offerings, your weekend awaits!

Edible Trend #1: Sweet Summer Flavours and Nostalgic Treats

“Summer in Canada is a special time,” says Sarah Gillin, Olli Brands’ co-founder. “Because of this, we find that consumers look for edibles with flavour profiles that match summer nostalgia.”

This often means light, refreshing, seasonal fruity flavours — and for Olli Brands, a little something extra. “Recently we have been seeing an increased demand for herbal and botanical flavours, such as chamomile, vanilla and rose,” Gillin says. “Ingredients such as açai, yuzu and ginger have also started to gain popularity in edibles and are a lovely complement to some of the more mainstream summer flavour profiles.”

You can experience this with Olli’s 1:1 Raspberry Açai Soft Chews, which are full of fruity and tart raspberry with the richness of açai.

While fruit flavours are classics for a reason, this summer, Olli Brands is taking it to the campsite with its S’mores Cookie.

“To us, s’mores epitomize summer. Enjoying the outdoors, campfires, roasting marshmallows and bringing friends together is a Canadian summer tradition,” says Gillin. “Our S’mores Cookie brings that nostalgia to a convenient, portable and delicious edible.”

Shop this trend:

Olli Brands Inc. – S’mores Cookie
Combining the classic flavours of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, this cookie packs a nostalgic punch. With quality ingredients, including real butter and cane sugar, this gourmet treat will immediately transport you to the campfire!

Glenn’s – Cotton Candy Gummies
Glenn’s stands out from the crowd by combining memories of fairgrounds with a delightful sensory experience. Whipped from spun sugar, its Cotton Candy Gummies are also rippled with blue raspberry. All of this flavour is packed into one satisfyingly firm soft chew.

Space Waste by BOXHOT – Blue Razz Shocker Popping Candy
BOXHOT Space Waste is reclaiming a corner-store classic with this infused popping candy. The Blue Razz flavour combines dramatic blue raspberry and lemon lime, making for an otherworldly edibles experience.

Sundaisies by PSF – Rhubarb Pie Soft Chews
Nothing says summer quite like seasonal fare, and rhubarb is definitely one of the most iconic examples. These Rhubarb Pie Soft Chews are bursting with a bright, juicy, authentic flavour and the perfect amount of squish. The flavour is further enhanced with botanical terpenes inspired by the floral tones of Pink Kush.

POP! by SHRED’ems – Root Beer Blast Gummies
Just like your favourite frosty-mugged beverage, these soft chews are packed with classic sassafras flavour. Perfect for on the go when your taste buds are craving soda, with a bonus of balanced cannabinoids!

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Edible Trend #2: Savoury Additions for the BBQ 

We’re used to seeing lots of sweet options for edibles, but what if you’re craving something on the savoury side? When it comes to BBQ, for example, you may want something to complement the flavours on your grill.

With few infused condiments currently available, the seasoned snack-food team at WellDressed saw a chance to contribute their own range. “Condiments appear in almost every household,” says Al Afrouz, CEO of WellDressed manufacturer WellCann. “It seemed no other company produced them, so we saw the opportunity to create the collection.”

Packaged in single-serving pouches reminiscent of fast-food restaurants, its condiments include ketchup, Mayonnaise, and Hot Sauce. Each product uses the highest quality Canadian and European ingredients to elevate everything from hamburgers, hot dogs to fries!

Shop this trend:

AstroNutz – Krisps
Be the MVP at your next get-together when you bring AstroNutz’s Krisps. These snack chips come in recognizable flavours, including Salt n’ Vinegar, Canadian Eh’ Ketchup, Whoopty Bleu Cheese and Tokin’ BBQ. A nice change from the usual sweet treats, consumers new to cannabis will especially enjoy how they’re dosed so you can comfortably eat more than one.

WellDressed – Ketchup, Mayonnaise & Hot Sauce
Your favourite condiments are now infused! A perfect single serving that will elevate all your grilled goods and more, thanks to high-quality Canadian and European ingredients.

AstroNutz – Inter-Planetary Pasta – Classic Mac
Enjoy the “out of this world” creamy and delicious taste of this infused mac and cheese kit. Preparing this comfort food is easy: simply boil the included pasta, mix in the Classic Mac mix and “get ready for lift-off!”

Edible Trend #3: Camp-Friendly Edibles

When you’re outdoors in the summer, whether it’s at the cottage or in a prime camping spot, the goal is to relax and take it slow. Choosing edibles to take with you can be a challenge because, while many are convenient and delicious, they’re not always heat-resistant (or especially filling).

The team at Wabi Sabi thought a lot about what uninfused snacks people preferred in these situations. “People tend to gravitate towards simple snacks that are easy to grab and munch on out of a bag,” says Sarah Goertzen, Wabi Sabi’s VP of Operations. “Think peanuts, sunflower seeds, and ‘GORP’ (good old raisins and peanuts).”

Recently launched, Wabi Sabi’s Hoodoos Trail Mix Indica is inspired by the hoodoos rock formations of Alberta, where Wabi Sabi is based. It’s a classic mix of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and the manufacturer’s specialty: chocolate. “Trail mix in general, outside of the cannabis space, is extremely popular. We noticed this trend and thought, ‘Why can’t there be a cannabis version of this?’”

The product is part of a larger trend: edibles that are easy for consumers to add to their daily life. While sweet treats are great, Wabi Sabi believes you should be able to enjoy a cannabis edible that not only tastes good but can also be shared easily and is substantially filling.

Shop this trend:

Wabi Sabi – Hoodoos Trail Mix Indica
A mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit combined with artisanal, premium Belgian chocolate chips. Wabi Sabi is known for combining high-quality ingredients with carefully paired full spectrum indica cannabis extract, and this savoury treat is no exception.

Spaced Food – Strawberry Astronaut Sorbet 1:1
Calling all Space Cadets! Who says sorbet can’t travel? This freeze-dried treat has you covered. Dairy-free and bursting with real strawberry flavour and rich coconut milk, hese will only melt in your mouth, saving you from any mess in your hands or pocket.

OG Jerk – Classic Original Beef Jerky
If you’re looking for even more substance from your snack, a little goes a long way with OG Jerk. Its unique recipe, which includes lean-cut meats from a prestige Ontario butcher and a custom salt-infusion process, makes this jerky a great companion on a nature walk or sitting by the dock.

Gel Shot by Dr. Edible – Blue Burst & Strawberry Lime
Dr. Edible delivers its play on this cheeky treat in fruity sweet and sour flavours. Available in blue raspberry and strawberry lime, each one comes in a discreet zippered pouch, ready for whatever summer adventure you have in mind!
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