Social Responsibility
at the OCS


Social Responsibility is embedded in the Ontario Cannabis Store’s mandate and is fundamental to achieving our vision: to grow Canada’s largest and most vibrant cannabis marketplace.  

As a Crown Agency of the Government of Ontario, we are determined to operate our business in a way that promotes the responsible consumption of cannabis, while protecting youth and vulnerable populations. This is a mandated responsibility we take seriously. Our purpose-driven values will guide us to delivering on our strategy.  

After conducting online stakeholder and public consultations, and keeping our duty to the people of Ontario in mind, we have focused our social responsibility efforts on three key pillars for 2021-2024: 

1.      Sustainability: Establishing a Foundation for Sustainability 
2.      Inclusion: Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Industry  
3.      Knowledge: Advancing Cannabis Knowledge & Promoting Responsible Consumption

As a public agency, we are committed to corporate transparency and will publish reports outlining our progress, as well as our impact. We anticipate the first report will be published in the summer of 2022.  

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Establishing a Foundation for Sustainability

The cannabis industry has significantly contributed to plastic manufacturing, consumption and waste in Canada. These are unintended consequences of legalization and a serious concern among the people of Ontario and industry. As a social responsibility-driven company, we will begin measuring and educating consumers on how to reduce waste at the OCS and in the broader marketplace, with a goal of establishing a foundation for a future sustainable industry.  

We commit to establishing an educational resource for consumers on considerations and a sustainability checklist for products available in Ontario by 2024.   

■ Communicate sustainability best practices
■ Evaluate and analyze current products based on third-party defined sustainability standards  
■ Draft a sustainability vision for moving forward  
■ Recognize OCS partners who are demonstrating leadership 

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Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Industry

Canada’s legal cannabis industry was born out of grassroot movements often driven by social intent which led to changes in legislation. This history also included the harmful treatment of marginalized communities. It is our responsibility to strengthen diversity and inclusion within the Ontario cannabis industry.   

We commit to establishing employment equity programs for OCS that promote diverse societal participation in the industry by 2024.

■ Strive towards partnering with a percentage of suppliers and Licensed Producers who are owned by Black, Indigenous and people of colour 
■ Maintain a workforce at OCS that is reflective of Ontario's population 

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Advancing Cannabis Knowledge & Promoting Responsible Consumption

Understanding the impacts of cannabis use is a core responsibility that plays a prominent role in our day-to-day business. We believe it is our duty to strengthen and disseminate evidence-informed cannabis education among the people of Ontario— particularly on responsible consumption.   

We commit to taking steps to assist the academic community in filling gaps in existing cannabis education, including funding critical research by 2024.  

■ Create new channels to disseminate information for employees, retailers and consumers, to enable them to access robust cannabis knowledge 
■ Host annual information sessions to discuss and disseminate new research with employees, retailers and consumers