Social Responsibility
at the OCS


Social responsibility is embedded in the Ontario Cannabis Store’s mandate and is fundamental to achieving our vision: to grow Canada’s largest and most vibrant cannabis marketplace.  

As a Crown agency of the Government of Ontario, we are determined to operate our business in a way that promotes the responsible consumption of cannabis while protecting youth and vulnerable populations. This is a mandated responsibility we take seriously. Our purpose driven values will guide us in delivering on our strategy.  

After conducting online stakeholder and public consultations, and keeping our duty to the people of Ontario in mind, we have focused our social responsibility efforts on three key pillars for 2021–2024: 

1. Sustainability: Establishing a Foundation for Sustainability
2. Inclusion: Supporting a Diverse & Inclusive Industry
3. Knowledge: Advancing Cannabis Knowledge & Promoting Responsible Consumption

As a public agency, we are committed to corporate transparency and will publish reports outlining our progress, as well as our impact. 

Social Responsibility at the OCS en 1

Establishing a Foundation for Sustainability

The cannabis industry has significantly contributed to plastic manufacturing, consumption and waste in Canada. These are unintended consequences of legalization and a serious concern among the people of Ontario and within the industry. We are taking steps toward measuring and improving our carbon footprint, with the goal of establishing a foundation to enable sustainability within our operations and the industry.  

We commit to establishing a deeper understanding of the areas in which the OCS can improve its operations and work with stakeholders to advance the industry standards for sustainability.

■ Measure and manage the greenhouse gas emissions in connection to our operations
■ Draft a sustainability vision for moving forward  
■ Recognize OCS partners who are demonstrating leadership with respect to sustainability

Social Responsibility at the OCS en 1

Supporting a Diverse & Inclusive Industry

Canada’s legal cannabis industry was born out of grassroots movements and, in part, a recognition that its history includes the harmful treatment of marginalized communities. As an enabler of success for our industry partners, we commit to strengthening diversity and inclusion within Ontario’s cannabis industry. The OCS will be establishing programs to support equity and promote diverse societal participation in the industry by 2024.

■ Develop policies and new business practices to support industry partners that are owned by Black, Indigenous and people of colour
■ Understand gaps in diverse representation within the marketplace and proactively address needs
■ Maintain a workforce at the OCS that is reflective of Ontario’s diverse population

Social Responsibility at the OCS en 1

Advancing Cannabis Knowledge & Promoting Responsible Consumption

Understanding the impacts of cannabis use is a core responsibility that guides our business decisions. We believe it is our duty to strengthen and disseminate evidence-informed cannabis education among the people of Ontario — particularly on responsible consumption.   

We commit to taking steps to assist the academic community and leading organizations in filling gaps in existing cannabis education.  

■ Provide clear, evidence-based information about cannabis, responsible consumption and the differences between legal and illicit cannabis products
through Cannabis Made Clear
■ Demonstrate that legal products have accurate THC labelling and are free from prohibited pesticides, unlike illicit cannabis products, as reported in partnership with
the Ontario Provincial Police
■ Create new channels to disseminate information for employees, retailers and consumers, to enable access to robust cannabis knowledge
■ Support organizations that will mobilize and share knowledge of lower-risk and responsible consumption with all Ontarians, particularly vulnerable populations