Brand Name

Ace Valley

Licensed Producer

MediPharm Labs, Aurora, Flowr


Toronto, ON

Join Us in the Valley

Ace Valley is a cannabis brand for lighter moments – experiences with friends, music, food and culture. We're passionate about developing the best products for our customers. We obsess over details and work with expert licensed producers in Canada to create premium and approachable cannabis products designed to illuminate every moment.

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The Ace Valley vape pen illuminates at different levels as you hit it. Simple control, delightful interaction. Filled only with the purest cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes. Yup, that’s it. Curate your experience with uplifting Sativa, calming CBD or mellowing Indica.

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Our pre-rolls are made with indoor-grown, single-strain whole flower and are curated to be consistent and approachable. Available in uplifting Sativa (OG Melon), calming CBD (Great White Shark) and mellowing Indica (Kosher Kush).

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The Ace Valley edibles are 100% real-fruit soft chews designed to taste great and provide a user-friendly experience. Our soft chews are gluten-free and 100% free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners. Available in uplifting Sativa and calming CBD. Coming soon.

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Ace Valley whole flower is available in 3.5 g jars in an uplifting Sativa strain and calming CBD strain (Durga Mata II). Curated in collaboration with the expert growers at Flowr in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

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