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The Supreme Cannabis Company


Toronto, Ontario


7ACRES takes pride in growing High End Cannabis that respects each cultivar’s genetic lineage and history. We are committed to providing enthusiasts with hand-crafted cannabis flower that delivers an un-compromised experience. 7ACRES products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product; from seed to shelf and into consumers hands.

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7ACRES High End Cannabis starts with thoughtfully-selected genetics and inspiring cultivars. Our plants are raised indoors using HPS lights with sunlight-on-demand and active plant management techniques. Finally, our cultivars are whole-plant slow cured and finished by hand, resulting in visually appealing buds with robust aroma and flavour. Our core cultivars are available coast-to-coast and include Jack Haze, Jean Guy, Sensi Star and White Widow. Available in dried flower and pre-rolled joints.

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7ACRES Craft Collective brings together some of the most sought-after cultivars, with a focus on high THC and quality, from Canada’s most talented craft producers. Intensely pungent aromas, breathtakingly beautiful bud structure and mouth-watering flavours. This is the cannabis you have been looking for.

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7ACRES is proud to partner with PAX, North America’s best-selling premium vape company, to offer our High End Cannabis in a highly convenient vaporizable format. Available in Sativa and Indica. Sativa pods are made using our Jack Haze cultivar and Indica pods are derived from our high end Sensi Star. Terpene-rich, full-flavour, high THC. The way a vape should be.

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The cultivars you know and love, extracted in potent and flavourful dabbable extracts. 7ACRES has always been committed to creating High End Cannabis with better aroma and flavour - our concentrate products are no exception. Coming soon.

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7ACRES custom built 340,000 sq ft growing facility is located in Kincardine, Ontario near the shores of Lake Huron. Purpose built to utilize both high intensity discharge lighting and supplemental sunlight providing full spectrum far-red, infrared and UV light. The unique design boosts flower quality by increasing terpene and resin development through the life cycle of the plant.

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When choosing cannabis, THC is only part of the story. Flavour notes are like music for your taste receptors — we like ours loud and full of terpenes. Follow your nose and let your taste buds guide you.

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Cannabis is a gift that the earth has given us. A gift that people across the world use to enhance, enjoy, and improve their own lives. 7ACRES products are crafted by cannabis enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We will continuously be a measure of the future ideal of the plant, with each harvest striving for better genetics, aroma, appearance, size, and texture. Respect the industry, regulators, culture and people. Respect The Plant.

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