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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon for November 2023

Never-before-seen products, innovative technology and excellent flower.

There’s lots to explore this fall, whether it’s a seasonal flavour as we move into winter or a fun NSFW novelty item. Check out our preview of products launching this fall, with head-turning options for every consumer.

New & Novel

Treating yourself is the reason for the season, and the season doesn’t last forever. Look out for these upcoming edibles in bright, summery flavours.


Dolce Red Italian-Style Beverage   

10 mg
dolce red italian beverage

A stemware-worthy sip for special occasions 

This cannabis-infused beverage is created for a sophisticated palate and pairs well with good food and great company. Alongside a blend of complex flavours, Dolce Red features a balanced infusion of 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD.  


CBD Party Pack  

20 x 10 mg

Get the (private) party started 

Every pack contains 20 novelty gummies, each infused with 10 mg of CBD isolate. These versatile gummies contain no THC and plenty of raspberry lemonade flavour.


Jelly Breath  

14 g

 jelly breath dried flower

A new size of the flower you love

You might have gotten to know this premium mouth-watering hybrid in its 3.5 g size. Now you can get all the same great taste and potency in a bigger package. Jelly Breath delivers sweet, citrus, sour, and vanilla flavours and clocks in at 28% to 34% THC. 


Essential Mixer Pack  

4 x 0.28 g

Cult favourites in the making 

Enjoy General Admission’s hall-of-famer flavours, alongside brand-new options launching this season. Each pack contains four cart flavours, including 5 Loco, Blue Rocket, Mango Chew and Peach Rizz. Which one will be your new go-to?


Grape Ice Crushable Infused Pre-Roll 

3 x 0.5 g

Fruity flavour that pops

A bead of grape and mint flavour is embedded in this pre-roll’s filter, which you can pinch and crush to add your desired amount of cool sweetness to each pull.    

Seasonal Favourites

Now’s the time to indulge in all the cozy sweetness. Get in the spirit for upcoming celebrations with these seasonal selections.  


Spiced Apple Cider

10 mg

apple cider can

A toasty mug of harvest flavour

This unique infused beverage is designed to be enjoyed warm, making it a sweet companion on chilly evenings. Just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy real apple juice with holiday-inspired spices, infused with 10 mg of THC. 


The Grump Infused Pre-Roll   

2.38 g

the grump infused pre-roll

The who’s who of elevated pre-rolls 

A ready-to-smoke option. At a whopping 2.38 g of hybrid flower this very potent 'mean green' pre-roll might just steal your holiday if you’re not careful.  

Shareable Selections  

Gather round the good stuff! With multiple items and flavours per pack, it’s easy to share, or sample a few options on your own.  


Social Sampler Pack  

4 x 0.28 g

general admission vape cart pack

A swappable way to explore

Each sampler pack features four delightful flavours: Grapey Grape, Mint'd, Tiger Blood and Watermelon Splash. Plus, with General Admission’s Smartpod technology, you get a smooth vaping experience that lets the taste shine.  


Pink Lemonade Gummies

5 x 2 mg

Pucker up to sweet tartness

This five-pack of dual-flavoured gummies features sweet raspberry and sour lemonade flavours. Each sour sugar-coated candy is infused with CO2-extracted distillate, containing 2 mg of THC.  


Taster Pack Crushable Infused Pre-Roll 

5 x 0.5 g

vox popz pre-roll pack

The pre-roll innovation you won’t want to share 

With options like Banana Peel, Blueberry Kush, Mango OG, Strawberry Diesel, and Watermelon Punch, this taster pack allows you to customize your experience. Each pack contains five 0.5 g pre-rolls, ensuring a delightful journey of flavours. 


Hemp'd Animal Rntz Redees Pre-Roll 

10 x 0.4 g

hemp animal rntz pre roll

Slim and simply smokable   

Terpene-rich indica-dominant flower is wrapped in hemp and pre-rolled for convenience. Featuring an extra-long filter and densely packed bud, each pre-roll delivers 26% to 32% THC and a robust sweet and sour aroma. With 10 personal-sized joints in each pack, there’s plenty to go around (if you’re feeling generous). 

Fall Flowers

The bouquet you deserve this season. From aroma to appearance, these picks show the difference craft makes.


Duke Nukem Pre-Roll   

5 x 0.5 g
Duke Nukem Pre-Rolls

Refreshing botanicals ready to smoke 

A carefully cultivated flower grown in small batches, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, slow-cured and hand-packaged, this sativa-dominant strain offers mint and lavender flavours with a bright citrus aftertaste. The fresh, invigorating aromas are accompanied by 17% to 23% THC in each of the five pre-rolls that come in a pack.  


Slims Extreme Twin Pack 

2 x 0.5 g
slims extreme twin pack

A sweet hybrid in two acts 

Freshness and attention to detail are the name of the game with these hybrid pre-rolls, featuring a complex flavour profile and 25% to 31% THC. Steel City Green harvests every week to ensure product freshness and uses a cannabis-specific injection-method machine to produce their pre-rolls. They don’t cut corners, so you can enjoy a high-quality, low-effort experience.


Pink Slurricane  

3.5 g

Diamond-studded for potency and flavour 

A hybrid indica and sativa dried flower created by combining Slurricane and Pink Kush strains. Take in the stunning frosted buds in shades of pink and purple and enjoy the aromas of terpenes like limonene and linalool. 



7 g

Big-time 90s throwback genetics 

It’s notorious for a reason. This cultivar features aromas of OG Kush with plenty of lemon and skunk. The very strong, indica-dominant buds are grown in small batches for a terpene-rich, craft final product with legacy origins. 

Fruity and fabulous

There’s no shame in wanting a sweet, juicy twist in your cannabis experience! Across formats, we’ve got fruity flair for however you prefer to consume.


Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

2 x 5 mg

Experience the ripple effect  

These distinctly designed gummies with a swirly ripple through their middle pack blue raspberry and strawberry lemonade flavour into every bite. They contain full-spectrum, strain-specific extract with precisely 5 mg of THC per gummy, for a total of 10 mg per pack.  


Peach Rizz Vape Pod 

0.95 g
general admission vape cart

Savour fuzz-free peachy flavour 

Fall means ripe peaches, so it’s only natural that Peach Rizz is among the new vape flavour drops from General Admission. These pods deliver a sticky sweet and sour burst of classic peach flavour, with sativa-dominant cannabis extract containing 84% to 90% THC. Plus, their Smartpod technology adjusts the temperature as you go to ensure a smooth and flavourful experience.  


Laid Bacc 510 Thread Cartridge  


laid bacc vape cart

Old-school  flavour meets modern convenience

Inspired by sweet bubbly refreshment, this indica-dominant 510 thread cartridge delivers gingery, pomegranate and cherry flavours alongside a high THC content at 88% to 94%. The universal 510 thread cartridge is made with medical-grade stainless steel and features a ceramic heating element. 

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