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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon for September 2023

Fresh flavours and formats, plus cozy pre-autumn options soon to grace the shelves of select Authorized Cannabis Stores and

Savour the last days of summer and celebrate the approaching fall season with hot new options from brands you know, plus a couple of fresh faces. We’ll break down exciting pre-rolls, smokeless options, fine flower and autumnal scores that’ll soften the blow as we move into sweater weather. Be sure to scope out these highlights as you plan out your next haul. Products coming soon to select Authorized Cannabis Stores and

Savour Summer Sweetness

Treating yourself is the reason for the season, and the season doesn’t last forever. Look out for these upcoming edibles in bright, summery flavours.


Grapple Juice THC:CBG Soft Chews 

4 x 2.5 mg
grapple edible

A unique blend of flavours and cannabinoids 

These mouth-watering soft chews feature a delightful grape and apple medley, delivering a burst of flavour in every bite. Each pack contains four gummies for a total of 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBG per package.


Original Blood Orange Sour Squeezys  

5 x 2 mg
blood orange edible

A juicy new take on edibles

Indulge in this bright and tangy treat inspired by Collective Project’s popular beverage. Each pack contains five soft chews infused with a balanced dosage of 2 mg THC and 2 mg CBD per soft chew. Taste sweet blood orange and vanilla flavours just beneath the super-sour coating. 


Ice Cream Rosin 4-pack 

4 x 2.5 mg

ice cream edible

A sweet sampling of ice cream parlour favourites  

With four different ice cream-inspired flavours precisely dosed with 2.5 mg of THC derived from rosin, this pack offers a variety that’s sure to please any palate. The unique delicious texture, flavour and variety make these rosin-infused edibles a must-try.

Cozy Fall Flavours

Sweater weather is coming sooner than we’d like, but luckily these tasty autumnal options are on their way too.


Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix

10 mg

There’s nothing basic about this PSL   

Enjoy the spice of this seasonal favourite infused with fast-acting THC. Simply mix the contents of the package with 250 ml of milk or water and enjoy hot or iced.  


Cranberry Ginger Ale 

10 mg
cranberry gingerale

A Canadian classic with a cannabis twist 

Sweet Justice has infused this coveted seasonal favourite with a fast-acting dose of 10 mg THC. This refreshing new variety delivers natural flavours of ginger ale with a twist of cranberry, offering a refreshing tart-yet-sweet taste experience.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte Double Stuffed Cookie 1:1 THC/CBD 

10 mg
pumpkin spice cookie

Double stuffed for even more pumpkin spice goodness  

Enjoy the blend of pumpkin spice and espresso flavours in every bite of this infused sandwich cookie. This tasty edible from INDIVA features a balanced 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD in each cookie. 


Pumpkin Spice Infused Pre-Roll 

1 x 0.5 g
pumpkin spice pre-roll

Fall for this sativa-dominant pumpkin spice pre-roll  

A convenience-sized pre-roll that packs potency and pumpkin spice aromas with every pull. This sativa-dominant delight is infused with cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes for a boost of flavour and THC.  

Portable, Packable Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are a seasonal favourite, and 2023 is delivering innovative new options that offer convenience without sacrificing quality. This summer boasts an assortment of sizes, flavours and potencies to suit your preferences.  


Organic D. Bubba  

1 x 1 g

A pre-roll packed with popular genetics 

A cross of Death Star and Bubba Kush created this potent indica-dominant strain. Whole buds of this single strain are milled and hand-finished to produce this pre-roll, with pungent, piney and earthy aromas.  


Lodi Dodi OG Blunt 

1 x 1 g
lodi dodi blunt

Your hemp-wrapped, ceramic-tipped pre-roll 

A funky indica-dominant hybrid with carefully crafted details for an overall delicious experience. Lodi Dodi hits you with intense aromas of sour strawberry candy, a deep petrol gas flavour and a substantial THC potency.  


Pacific OG Max Infused Pre-Roll 

3 x 0.5 g
pacific pre-roll

Diamond-studded for potency and flavour 

Each of these 0.5 g pre-rolls combine craft-cultivated, whole-bud Pacific OG with premium crystallized THCa extract. A smooth, even burn and thick clouds of flavourful smoke are forecasted with these carefully crafted infused joints.  


Triple Burger

5 x 0.6 g
triple burger pre-roll

Clear your schedule for this heavy, savoury selection  

If you have an appetite for big juicy terpenes, this might be the option for you. The strong GMO and Han-Solo Burger lineage brings forth calyxy, gasoline-scented flowers. The whole buds are hang-dried and slow-cured to preserve flavour, then consistently ground and wrapped in premium RAW Classic cones.  


Gnarberry Dartz 

10 x 0.4 g
gnarberry dartz

Slim, portable, pre-rolled convenience  

These smooth-burning pre-rolls feature a curated blend of aromatic strains, known for their dreamy berry and fruity aromas. Each 0.4 g pre-roll comes packaged in a handy cardboard carrying case, ready to ignite when you are. 

Your New Favourite Flower

Never-before-seen genetics, outstanding flavour and aromas and beautiful buds are among this summer’s releases in the flower category, with whole flower and pre-milled options.  


Kali Mist


kali mist dried flower

Savour the invigorating, aromatic terpenes of this sativa   

Discover the citrusy and earthy delight of BOAST Kali Mist. This sativa-dominant strain dates back to the1990s, crossing two sativa-dominant hybrids to create a strain with notes of herbs, pine and lemon on the finish. 


Phantom Sunset  

3.5 g
phantom sunset dried flower

Don’t miss this flavour-saturated indica

This indica-dominant strain is a captivating blend of Ghost Train Haze, Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints GSC. It offers a strong THC potency potential, delivering a unique earthy, musky and funky flavour profile. Each 3.5 g package contains jumbo-sized, dense buds that provide a big, distinct flavour.  


Holy Grail Kush 


holy grail kush

 Hybrid-seekers: your quest is over with Holy Grail Kush  

Hand-selected from a cross between Kosher Kush and OG #18, this strain is a gas lover’s dream. With its large resinous light-green dense buds accented by purple undertones, Holy Grail Kush is visually captivating and features strong aromas of spicy citrus and fuel.  


Trends Former

7 g
trends former milled flower

Where convenience meets quality (and value) 

Crafted from the finest, best-known genetics, this pre-milled flower is meticulously prepared to achieve the perfect 3 to 4 mm particle size, emulating hand-ground cannabis. Hologram strives for exceptional quality and consistency in its cultivation and milling for a smooth, consistent burn and flavourful smoke.  

Think Outside the (Flower) Box

Are you looking to branch out beyond the bud this summer? These products deliver the cannabinoids and terpenes you’re looking for, with vape, edible, topical and inhalable options.


High THC Capsules

12 x 10 mg
high thc capsule

Maximum potency, minimal ingredients

Discover the power of simplicity with these capsules from Mood Ring. Each capsule contains a potent THC extract, organic extra virgin olive oil and nothing else. The clean-label gelcap masks any flavours and aromas for a seamless consumption experience.


Kiwi Kush 510

1 x 1 g

debunk ice

Fruity, fresh sativa clouds ahead

This 510 vape from DEBUNK ICE features ultra-high purity oil derived from liquid diamonds. The ice-clear glass hardware offers a frosty, cooling effect on each fruity-earthy exhale.


Moon Drops 510

1 x 1 g

One small step for vapekind

Like its sativa counterpart also featured in this round-up, this vape features premium potency, purity and hardware for a cooling, flavourful experience. Careful cultivation, extraction and formulation lend this cartridge tasty botanical terpenes and flavours of lychee, pear and citrus. 



1,000 mg
mj vibe cream

Unwind with lavender and chamomile aromas

Enjoy the soothing scents of lavender and chamomile in this sativa-dominant topical formulation. This cream features the maximum THC content available, derived from hang-dried, hand-trimmed cannabis. Avoid broken skin and sensitive areas. For topical use only.


Slapz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin

1 x 1 g
hash rosin

Fresh-frozen, flavour-forward dabs

Indulge in the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates with this premium solventless hash rosin. The indica-dominant blend is crafted with care and precision to offer the full spectrum of sweet gas flavour and hybrid citrus notes of Terple FFHR.

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