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A 91-gram thin, pocket-friendly dried flower vaporizer from AirVape for on-the-go use. Available in black and blue.  Learn More

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The X-Series Vaporizer from AirVape comes in black and blue, and can be used for vaping dried flower or oil concentrates. Its metal body weighs just 91 grams and is only 1.2 centimetres high when laid flat. Made from high-grade materials, it has an isolated EZ air path and an oval ceramic heating chamber that gets to an optimal temperature (between 93˚C/200ºF and 200˚C/392ºF) in just 20 seconds, thanks to a 1,300 mAh rechargeable battery. The two-button design, 3.3-centimetre screen and vibrate-when-ready technology make the X-Series Vaporizer easy to use, as does the magnetic mouthpiece that ensures easy cleaning and chamber loading. It comes with a K-shell, a pad insert, a USB charger cable, cleaning and loading tools, and replacement filter screens. All sales are final.
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GTIN#: 860000972703

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