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The certified medical grade Volcano Classic table top vaporizer measuring at 8"x 9.75"x 9.75", offers pure convection heating.  Learn More

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This product is final sale. The Volcano Classic from German manufacturer Storz & Bickel received medical-grade certification in 2009 and features a volcano-shaped design with an advanced convection heating system. Its temperature range is 266°F to 446°F, allowing you to customize each session. With the Easy Valve balloon-bag system, you can attach a balloon bag to the vaporizer, fill it up with vapour and detach with ease. The Easy Valve filling chamber can be cleaned and reused extensively, while the balloon bags are replaced after 50 to 100 uses. Also included with the tabletop vaporizer are a grinder, an instruction manual, an air filter set, a liquid pad, six normal screens, three clips and one cleaning tool. The Volcano measures 8" x 9.75" x 9.75", weighs 4.8 pounds and comes with a three-year warranty.
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