Slym Smell Safe Carbon Series Case


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The 6" x 3" Slym Smell Safe Case features weather-proof canvas, carbon fibre padding and a moisture seal zipper which keeps odours in and moisture out.  Learn More

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This product is final sale. RYOT’s Slym Case is made of a durable weatherproof canvas exterior and X-Strap technology for portability. The 6" x 3" x 1.25" case is equipped with SmellSafe Carbon Series technology, which is a carbon fibre padding that both neutralizes and traps odours in its pores. The coated weatherproof fabric and moisture seal zipper provide a true physical barrier to keep odours in and the weather out. To reactivate the carbon lining filters, simply put them in the dryer for five minutes. Other features include a RYOT Protect combination lock and one Fresh Pod for storage.
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