Pineapple 3 Chamber Grinder



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From Accoutrements, a 4.5-centimetre tall, 5.5-centimetre wide gold-coloured aircraft-grade aluminum three-chamber herb grinder with a concealer case.  Learn More

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The Pineapple three-chamber grinder from Accoutrements stands 4.5 centimetres tall, is made of gold-coloured aircraft-grade aluminum and features a pineapple on the lid. The metal is anodized for a smooth finish that keeps smudges from appearing, and the ring around the top section ensures friction-free grinding. Neodymium magnets keep the 5.5-centimetre-wide grinder from splitting open mid-use, razor-sharp diamond cutting blades ensure a fine grind, and a stainless steel screen lets only the finest pollen fall to the easy-extraction kief chamber. All sales are final.

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