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The 3.25” Pinch Spoon by Grav Labs comes with a recessed carb, a pinched mouthpiece and is made of 3-millimeter-thick borosilicate glass.  Learn More

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This spoon pipe is a handy on-the-go size device from GRAV Labs which offers just that, a conveniently sized pipe with 3-millimeter-thick high-quality borosilicate glass. The bowl is the perfect size for personal use and the flat mouthpiece provides comfortable, smooth hits. Featuring a GRAV decal and available in several colors. The recessed carb and pinched mouthpiece keep the silhouette nice and simple, and the small footprint makes it a great travel accessory. The Pinch Spoon measures 3.25" long and is available in grey or green.
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GTIN#  GTIN#: 810014751559

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