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Okanagan Sugar Live Resin Badder

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Verse Live Resin Badder is a whipped, smooth, and creamy concentrate that puts forward a full spectrum of plant cannabinoids and terpenes.  Learn More

About This Product

Meet Okanagan Sugar Live Resin Badder by Verse Concentrates. Our premium line of live extracts focusing on translating the essence of the living plant into the extract itself. This extract is produced through ultra-cold hydrocarbon extraction techniques using fresh-frozen Okanagan Sugar buds. Extraction artisans transform the product into an ultra-whipped, creamy concentrate with a full spectrum of plant cannabinoids and terpenes. This badder is derived from the premium, sativa-dominant Okanagan Sugar strain, grown proudly in the heart of the Okanagan, British Columbia. This eclectic strain has been carefully selected for its unique sweet and earthy flavour profile, produced by powerful terpenes such as limonene and myrcene.
Licensed Producer
Valens Agritech
Verse Concentrates
Very Strong
68.00 - 76.00%  |  680.00 - 760.00 mg/g
0.00 - 0.01%  |  0.00 - 0.10 mg/g
Plant Type
Sativa Dominant
Extraction process
Growing Province
British Columbia
Growing region
Okanagan, BC
Grow method
Grow medium
Grow room lighting
Trimming method
Hand Trimmed
Storage Criteria
Store in a cool, dry place

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