Mandarin Meltdown Live Resin


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Mandarin Meltdown Live Resin by San Rafael ’71 is a golden, crystally concentrate with very high THC and a heavy aroma & flavour of mandarin oranges.  Learn More

About This Product

Mandarin Meltdown Live Resin by San Rafael ’71 is a golden, saucy and crystally concentrate with very high THC. Ready to dab, Mandarin Meltdown Live Resin has a rich and heavy aroma and flavour of sweet mandarin oranges. Made from 100% whole cannabis taken right before harvest and extracted using closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction, Mandarin Meltdown Live Resin is a complete reflection of the plant, with the full range of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes for an unmatched, authentic experience. Sold by the gram, Mandarin Meltdown is designed to be used in a dab rig, or custom vaporizer made to handle concentrates. It can also be added to a pre-roll or pipe for extra potency.
Licensed Producer
Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc.
San Rafael '71
Very Strong
58.50 - 64.50%  |  585.00 - 645.00 mg/g
0.00 - 1.00%  |  60.00 - 120.00 mg/g
Plant Type
Sativa Dominant
Extraction process
Growing Province
British Columbia
Growing region
Grow method
Grow room lighting
Drying method
Hang Dry
Trimming method
Hand Trimmed

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