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Limelight Ready to Use Disposable Pen

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This ready-to-use vape pen is inhalation-activated, has a very high potency with true-to-flower flavour profile that is tangy, sour and lime-forward.  Learn More

About This Product

Edison’s new sativa-dominant Limelight ready-to-use vape pen has a high-quality, true-to-flower flavour profile modeled after only our freshest Limelight buds. Available exclusively from Edison, the Feather ready-to-use vape pen is inhalation-activated and comes in at a high potency. Our formulation is jam-packed with Limelight’s signature tangy, sour and crisp citrus flavour thanks to a tasty combination of the dominant terpenes terpinolene, caryophyllene, and humulene. Edison’s extracts are a beautiful light golden colour and are expertly distilled to remove all waxes, sugars and chlorophyl to deliver a consistent potency. The Edison Feather vape pen design is soft to the touch, compact and ultra-light, using medical grade steel and thermal-resistant borosilicate glass to create a beautiful and functional piece of vape hardware. Edison extracts combined with Feather vape pens are a smart way to Elevate Your High.
Licensed Producer
Edison Cannabis Co
Very Strong
80.00 - 85.00%  |  800.00 - 850.00 mg/g
0.00 - 0.30%  |  0.00 - 3.00 mg/g
Plant Type
Sativa Dominant
Strain Name
Ultra Sour
Extraction process
Growing Province
New Brunswick
Growing region
Grow method
Grow medium
Cocoa Fibre
Grow room lighting
Drying method
Rack and Tray
Trimming method
Machine Trimmed
Storage Criteria
Store in a cool, dry place

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