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Fisherman's Friend Pipe with Storage

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The 2"/3.5" Fisherman's Friend Pipe is a collapsible device made of high-quality hardwoods, a nickel-plated mouth piece and a storage compartment.  Learn More

About This Product

This product is final sale. Fisherman's Friend Pipe is an American made device manufactured by Monkey Pipe. The compact design measures 2" when closed, 3.5" when open and is made of high-quality hardwoods such as white oak, black walnut and Sapele. The pipe is equipped with a recessed nickel-plated mouthpiece and a stainless-steel swivel lid which opens to reveal a storage compartment. A matching stainless-steel bottom plate that slides out makes cleaning hassle-free. To extinguish the lit herbs simply swivel the mouthpiece to close the pipe and cut the off the airflow. Fisherman’s Friend uses 0.625" filtration screens and can be used with or without a 5/8" screen.
Monkey Pipe

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