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An airtight, child-proof jar from MOOD made of violet UV-blocking glass that preserves potency and shelf life for up to 6 months. Comes in three sizes.  Learn More

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The twist-sealed Elegant violet glass UV-blocking MOOD storage jars come in three sizes: • Elegant Small: 5.7 cm high by 4.8 cm diameter - holds up to 2 g of flower • Elegant Medium: 9 cm high by 4.9 cm diameter - holds up to 4.5 g of flower • Elegant Large: 10.1 cm high by 5.2 cm diameter - holds up to 8 g of flower The jars preserve organic matter from visible light and reduce oxidation to efficiently extend the freshness and flavour of your herbs for up to 6 months. Each one comes with a threaded push-and-turn child-resistant safety cap. All sales are final.
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GTIN#: 628504788035

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