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A black airtight, smell-proof jar from Mood made of Ultra Violet glass that preserves potency and extends shelf life. Comes in three sizes.  Learn More

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About This Product

These Ultra Violet twist-sealed glass jars from Mood come in three sizes: a 4.4-by-5.4-centimetre 50-millilitre jar for up to 1 gram of dried cannabis; a 5.5-by-6.5-centimetre 100-millilitre jar that holds approximately 3.5 grams; and a 9.1-by-7.4-centimetre 250-millilitre jar for 7 to 14 grams of dried cannabis. The containers lock in freshness, prevent unwanted odour from escaping, and preserve organic matter from visible light to reduce oxidation, maintain potency and extend shelf life. All sales are final.


GTIN#: 628504788004

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