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A discreet, compact and lightweight vaporizer from Boundless that comes with a water pipe adapter.  Learn More

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The black CFC 2.0 Vaporizer from Boundless measures 13 by 3.2 by three centimetres. Its body has textured grooves and ridges that provide a stable and comfortable grip, while also keeping the device cool. Built from medical- and food-grade materials, its ceramic bowl is heated through conduction to between 60˚C (140ºF ) and 230°C (446ºF), and can fit up to 0.5 grams of dried flower, while its heat-resistant mouthpiece’s airflow allows for big, comfortable draws. The CFC 2.0 comes with a water pipe adapter, a cleaning brush, a stir tool, a USB charging cable, two extra mouthpiece screens, three chamber screens and a three-year warranty. All sales are final.
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GTIN#: 850004895078

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