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Big Bag of Weed Indica is a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights.  Learn More

About This Product

Big Bag of Weed Indica is a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights. Hydro-grown using tried-and-tested horticulture techniques, Buds are thick and frosty with a ton of red hairs. Smells like grape marmalade and cherry toaster strudels with mid-range THC. A big bag of weed (28 grams) to keep your re-ups low and your stash stocked up. With a humidity pack tossed in to keep your weed from getting dry, and big ol’ buds ready to fill a bowl, bong or six-paper joint.
Very Strong
15.00 - 21.00%  |  150.00 - 210.00 mg/g
0.00 - 1.00%  |  0.00 - 10.00 mg/g
Plant Type
Indica Dominant
Strain Name
Afghani x Northern Lights
Alpha-Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Humulene, Myrcene
Growing Province
New Brunswick
Growing region
Grow method
Grow room lighting
Drying method
Rack and Tray
Trimming method
Machine Trimmed

Category disclaimer: As a natural product, THC and CBD content in cannabis may vary among lots of the same strain. THC and CBD ranges shown on the product pages of OCS.ca are provided to OCS by federally licensed cannabis producers and may differ from ranges specified on product packaging from these same producers. Some products may be shipped separately.

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