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A German-engineered dry herb vaporizer from Zeus with a conductive gold-plated chamber and an isolated gold vapor path that cools the smoke.  Learn More

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The Zeus Arc GT is a black compact dry herb vaporizer. Engineered in Germany, it stands 2.25 by 4.2 by 8.7 centimeters and features an easy to fill gold chamber and an isolated gold vapor path that cools the smoke as it passes through (gold is a natural conductor). Its one-touch control makes it easy to choose from among three temperature settings, and with its haptic feedback capabilities, you can simply shake the vaporizer to see how much battery life you have. It comes with five grime wipes, five grime sticks, five bristle cleaners, a flow sink tool, a spacer screen and a USB charging tool. This product is final sale.
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GTIN#: 628110713216

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