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The 2.3" Homegrown 4-piece grinder, equipped with a 4-way Quick lock feature, has a removeable screen and is made of aerospace medical grade aluminum.  Learn More

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This product is final sale. Cali Crusher’s Homegrown 2.35" four-piece grinder is American made with many features. It has an original 4-Way Quicklock feature to eliminate cross-threading incidents and jamming. The screen is removable and upgradeable using a small hex key. Made of aerospace medical-grade aluminum, it has indestructible radial-cut blades that are covered under a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The bottom catch chamber is two times larger than an average grinder’s catch, and it has an original smooth, rounded contour design for easy access and finger scooping. This product is available in black, blue or red. 
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GTIN#: 816231020683

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