Brand Name

UP Cannabis

Licensed Producer

HEXO Corp.


Kanata, ON

Canada’s cannabis

Our UP20™ promise. From one bud to another, our flower is 20% THC or higher. Every time.

We make this promise to you because buds don’t let buds down.

So, come on by and see what we’re about. We’re working hard to make sure you are proud of what we do.

Things are looking up.

UP en 1

We’ve stepped things UP

As the industry has grown, we’ve listened to our consumer and we’ve learned, and have evolved as Canada’s cannabis.

UP en 2

Buds don’t give buds the weak stuff

We know that potency is a major priority when it comes to the cannabis you choose. That’s why UP now guarantees 20% THC or higher in all our dried flower strains. That’s the UP20™ Promise.

UP en 3

Buds don’t stop buds from making new buds

We’re expanding our lineup to include more strains that Canadians love. We now offer UP20™ dried flower in Northern Berry, Cold Creek Kush and Ghost Train Haze.

Our UP20™ promise.

Ghost Train Haze UP20™

Northern Berry UP20™

Cold Creek Kush UP20™

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