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Sundial Growers


Calgary, AB

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Sundial cannabis is a modern, natural alternative that fits seamlessly into everyday lifestyles. We know today's cannabis landscape can be overwhelming, so our entire approach is to keep it simple with easy-to-shop series, CALM, LIFT,FLOW, SPARK & EASE, based on the cannabis experience you are looking for. With obsessive attention to detail, Sundial goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality products for every occasion.

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Hit Pauses. Unwind. Focus on you with these indica dominant strains

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Find a Sativa-Dominant strain in our LIFT series. It’s the perfect time to go make the best of today

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Our FLOW series features, balanced, Sativa dominant strains. Tap into your muse and go make something wonderful

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Our EASE series features a variety of CBD rich products to fit any wellness routine

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