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The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc.


Toronto, Ontario

Welcome to the sweet life

Sugarleaf offers a milder, lighter cannabis experience in convenient product formats; making moments sweeter to enjoy.  

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Welcome to the sweet life

Inspired by the simple joy of cannabis, sugarleaf complements today’s busy lives by offering convenient product formats, with a milder, lighter outcome. Delight in your cannabis experience; Welcome to the sweet life. 

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Rolled cannabis

Sugarleaf rolled cannabis is a ready to enjoy option for a no fuss experience on the go. Smooth smoke, white ash and a pleasant taste. Now that’s sweet.

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Sugarleaf oils are a convenient, effective, smoke-free way to enjoy the cannabis experience. Tastes sweet like citrus and pine. Treat yourself.


Created from the trichome-dense, cured sugar leaves of the cannabis flower.

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The Sweet Life

Mild experience at affordable prices.

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The sweetest plant

Sugar leaves are the short, trichome-covered leaves that sprout from the bud of the cannabis plant as it flowers. Rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, these trichomes deliver taste and flavour notes that result in a lighter consumption experience.

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