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Go On, Take a Smoke Break

Whether you're taking a break from joints or just looking to try something new, these smoke-free options are a great way to reduce the risks associated with smoking cannabis. Below you can explore our range of smoke-free options, shop our bestsellers and take your cannabis knowledge to new heights. And who knows, you must just find a new flame.

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Chocolates, cookies and more — what else could a sweet tooth want?

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Bestseller Cannabis THC Milk Chocolate

Bestseller: THC Milk Chocolate Bar

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Hot or cold, sparkling or still, there's a wide range to quench every thirst.

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Bestseller Beverage

Bestseller: Bakerstreet & Ginger

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Cannabis Oils

Add them to your favourite recipe or use them on their own, these cannabis oils allow for more precise and controlled dosing.

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Bestseller Cannabis Oil

Bestseller: Free Oil

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Oral Sprays

Spray directly under your tongue for a unique smoke-free way to consume cannabis.

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Bestseller THC Spray

Bestseller: THC Spray

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Looking for a non-intoxicating way to use cannabis? This cream will do the trick.

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