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Guelph, ON

Deep Roots High Standards

Royal City Cannabis Co. is an employee-owned craft cannabis company, founded in 2013, from Guelph Ontario, “THE ROYAL CITY”. Our passionate team of consumers, cultivators, processers, and advocates are focused on delivering top-grade flower. We draw on the agricultural excellence of our community and pair it with the traditional knowledge of cannabis harvesting and handling.

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Doing it Right without Compromise

We cultivate our flowers in a unique manner that blends the knowledge of modern agriculture with the art of craft cannabis to deliver AAAA flower. It starts by discovering and selecting cannabis cultivars with an exciting profile, with a focus on aroma, flavour and aesthetics. We use Plant Tissue Culture to ensure only the highest quality plants are grown in our short stature high density cultivation system to produce exceptional craft cannabis flowers.

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Meticulous Care, Machine Free Harvest and Handling

Grown to maturity and ripened on the vine, these hand harvested flowers are brought through a two-stage drying & curing process to produce the finest results. We employ craft harvesting methods to ensure the passion of our growers translates into exceptional cannabis for our consumers. That is why every batch is hang dried, hand bucked, hand trimmed, slow cured and then hand packed with Boveda

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Our Floral Fixation Drives us to go the Extra Mile

Royal City Cannabis produces high grade small batch cannabis products that celebrate the flavours, aromas, and beauty of cannabis flowers. We are committed to your cannabis experience and celebrating the range of flavours and effects by preserving the floral structure and bouquet of our flowers. Experience the entourage knowing the terpene content of your cannabis product. We have spent the last eight years refining our craft and we are proud to bring Royal City's flower to Ontario

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Artisanal Pressed Ice Hash

Royal City's pressed ice hash products are a celebration of the cultivar and flower that they are derived from. Our small batch hash medallions are produced from single cultivar whole flower inputs. By combining high grade flower with our artisanal solventless ice water extraction process we produce a high purity bubble hash that is hand pressed at low temperature into our signature hash medallions. Try our strains "ICED" to enjoy top quality full spectrum hash products





Royal City Cannabis Co.

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Rockstar Tuna
Sour Budder Cookies
Jazzberry Iced
Royal Goddess Iced

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