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Reefertilizer Cannabis Growing Nutrients

Want to grow your own high quality craft cannabis at home? Reefertilizer's simple three stage grow system helps beginners learn to grow and advanced growers streamline their process. Growing cannabis is a rewarding experience. All you need to start is a few seeds, some soil, and the Reefertilizer complete nutrient kit.

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Reefertilizer Start | Organic Soil Amendment

Embrace the power of kelp meal and mycorrhiza. This easy to apply soil amendment and monthly top dressing helps feed microbes living in your soil as well as young cannabis sprouts. Mycorrhizal fungi grows around root systems to protect and improve their ability to absorb nutrients and water. Kelp Meal is a fantastic organic food source full of beneficial nutrients for plants and microbes living in your soil.

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Reefertilizer Grow | Nutrients For Plants in Veg

Measure, mix, and feed once a week. Reefertilizer Grow is a water soluble powder fertilizer balanced for cannabis during its vegetative phase of growth. Filled with chelated macro and micro nutrients, Reefertilizer Grow helps provide a well balanced diet to your plants.
Chelated nutrients that are immediately available to your plants and you will likely see results very quickly after feeding.

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Reefertilizer Bloom | Flowering Nutrients

Bring on bigger buds and tastier terps. Once your plant begins to flower, switch to a weekly feeding of Reefertilizer Bloom. With a nutrient ratio high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen, your plants will have the elemental building blocks for developing flowers. Added calcium and magnesium will help alleviate nutrient deficiencies common to growing in coco coir or hydroponically.

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Grow Up To 8 Indoor or Outdoor Plants With One Kit

Our grow kit was designed to be as simple as possible and for all levels of experience. Powder nutrients save time and use less packaging than liquid plant nutrients and when stored correctly can last years without losing potency. Reefertilizer nutrients are vegan and planet friendly.

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Growing Cannabis is Easy With Reefertilizer

Cannabis grows like a weed but it takes a little love and attention to grow the kind of buds you can be proud of. Besides providing the right balance of nutrients for cannabis plants, Reefertilizer also gives you access to guides and tips on getting the most from your plants. Each kit includes a download link to our Guide to Home Cultivation as well as personalized grower support.

Grow Tip #1

Avoid over watering your plants by only feeding or watering them when the top two inches of soil is dry. Growers generally water their plants once or twice a week depending on the growing environment.

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Grow Tip #2

"Topping your plants is one of the simplest ways to increase your plant's overall yield. Snipping off new growth early in veg will cause the plant to grow two new tops; this is where the biggest buds grow."

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