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Plant Types

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Indica Dominant

Sativa Dominant



Different Potencies

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High THC

Balanced 1:1

CBD Dominant



We offer both cannabis products and accessories for their safe consumption.

Craft Cannabis

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What Is Craft

At the OCS, we define craft cannabis as dried flower that’s hang-dried, hand-trimmed, hand-packaged and grown in a small-batch facility (one that produces less than 10,000 kg of dried cannabis a year, to be exact).

Look for the new craft badge on your favourite products!

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Produced through a solvent extraction process, distillate is an extremely concentrated form of cannabis oil that’s used in vaping cartridges. It can also be mixed with a neutral oil, such as MCT or sunflower oil, packaged as an oil, capsule or spray or used for dabbing.

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Flower Types

From the selection of our products to the training of our staff, we make responsible choices for adults possible.

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We offer both cannabis products and accessories for their safe consumption.