2nd September 2020


10:10 AM


Toronto, ON

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Part of the Header

This is an optional component, if left blank only the header will appear. Date, Time, Locations are also optional. Location can be linked with a URL (View Map)

Landing Banner

This is the broad/tall banner with an option to be full width. Text color can be changed from the palette. CTA button can be white or black only.

Square Tile

Two big square tiles with Image or colour. CTA options are Black, White, Green, Ice, Slate

Square Tile

Square Image : 4 Image tiles with a URL linking (No CTA button).

Promo Square : Tile 1 (No Header & title subcopy)

Promo Square :Tile 2

Promo Square : Tile 3

Promo Square : Tile 4 (Upto 4 tiles only)

Big Square Tile 1

2 Tiles only with CTA. Text colour can be changed. CTA button has 2 options only - black and white.

Big Square Tile 2

2 Tiles only