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Flavour the way the plant meant it to be

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Cannabis in its true essence

We focus on the true essence of every plant: its terpene profile. By diving into the depths of what makes a cannabis plant special, we distill the complexities of the natural world into something simple, but profoundly flavourful. The aromatic compounds that are invisible to most, are the truest expression of the essence of the plant. And that’s what Daize is all about: Elevating everyday subtleties of the plant into something that becomes integral to the standard of cannabis products.

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Flavour First

We are all about flavour, but not the kind that fillers and additives create. Flavour, in our humble opinion, is best crafted when you do things well — from the flower we source, to the extraction process and ending in custom, high quality hardware. An approach that ultimately delivers on flavours authentic to every plant’s terpene and flavour profiles.

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Our Process

Every Daize cartridge is a flavourful full spectrum extract of the original plant. Our team leverages the benefits created from winterization, following a CO2 extraction. This removes unwanted impurities, leaving behind the essence of the plant’s flavours from its terpenes and the largest suite of cannabinoids possible from the extraction. The result is an extract that preserves and protects the original composition in vape form.

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The Goods

We only use top quality flower gathered and sourced from a variety of BC and AB growers who take pride in their craft and the consistency of their end product. This results in a full spectrum extract that delivers the same flavour and terpene profiles again and again. It’s well made and it’s well priced.

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Our Hardware

Producing high-quality extracts would be in vain without a high-quality vaping cartridge to bring their essence to life. Ours is made with medical-grade stainless steel, a custom glass chamber and a ceramic mouthpiece that meets ISO, CE, RoHS and UL1839 certifications with the most extensive QA and QC testing on the Canadian and International market. The DAIZE cartridge is equipped with a thread that fits most 510 batteries.

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Terpene Infused Gummies

Lightly sugared and slightly sour, Daize Lemon Limo gummies are packed with all natural flavour, enhanced with terpenes. Handcrafted with premium ingredients, Daize gummies are plant-based, terpene-infused, and made with high-quality distillate. Our gummies mimic the flavour and terpene profiles of our full spectrum vape carts.

Custom pipe-cut mouthpiece

Full spectrum

Winterized CO2

Just the plant

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