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It’s All Cruuzy

We’re as stoked about experimenting with weed as you are. Cruuzy’s here to help you discover and get deeper into cannabis however you want to—no judgement, just easy vibes. We curate quality flower, vapes, and pre-rolls so you can have the best possible high with big potency and flavour. You do you.

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Cruuzy Flower

Cruuzy flower is all about discovering and experimenting with cannabis, no judgement, just easy vibes. We curate quality flower to bring flavourful, high potency strains to anyone looking to keep it Cruuzy. We can confidently say that all curated Cruuzy flower is 20% THC or higher and bursting with flavour.

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Supercharged Duubyz

Supercharged Duubyz combine flavourful flower with solventless rosin sprinkles throughout the joint for the ultimate infused pre-rolls. Like loaded nachos or a long weekend, Supercharged Duubyz are made for people who want even more of the best.

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Cruuzy Vapes

Cruuzy vapes are made to burst with flavour. Created using botanical terpene isolates and THC distillate, we craft proprietary terpene profiles to create a unique and flavourful, mouth watering vape experience that leaves the consumer always wanting more.

High Terpene, High THC Flower

Unique Flavourful Vapes

Rosin Infused Pre-Rolls

It’s All Cruuzy

It’s All Cruuzy

It’s a bike ride in the park in the peak of summer. It’s the feeling of transcendence when you hit that one part of the song that makes the hair on your arms stand up. It’s whatever you want it to mean – it’s nothing, and it’s everything.

It’s All Cruuzy

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Flavourful Formats

Cruuzy prides itself on curating and crafting some of the most flavourful products in the industry.

Creating and finding unique terpene profiles is a focus of ours, to bring unique and flavourful experiences to our customers.

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