Brand Name

Brand Name X

Licensed Producer

LP Name X


Location X

Header Heading (Optional)

This header paragraph is connected to the main page header. It is an optional section that can be removed. There is no character limit If you choose to use it. You can link text in this paragraph to any URL. You can Bold or Italicize font, but you cannot change the colour or size. The "Brand Name", "Licensed Products", and "Location" information on the right automatically appears and cannot be removed. The titles on the right cannot be changed. 


About Component (89 Character Limit)

Brand Mock Page en 1

Tile Option 1

Multiple tiles can be added with an option to place Image on the left, right., or centered. The copy can be bold or italic, and can be linked to any URL. Font colour and size cannot be changed. There is no character limit, but it is suggested not to add copy beyond the image height.

Brand Mock Page en 2

Tile Option 2

The image width is fixed, but the image height is not. It is suggested that the image width is not taller than the copy, as that creates white space. It is suggested that when using this component, images are more rectangular in shape, with minimal height. This is an example of a more rectangular banner, which therefore has less white space in the text box.

Brand Mock Page en 3

Tile Option 3

The tile can have the image on the left and text on the right, and be center aligned. The image can also be in GIF format.

Tile Option 4

Both the image and copy are optional. This is what a component looks like with no image, and aligned to the left

Tile Option 5

Both the image and copy are optional. This is what a component looks like with no image, and aligned to the right

Tile Option 6

Both the image and copy are optional. This is what a component looks like with no image, and aligned to the center. The remaining images below are lone images aligned left, right, and centered. It is recommended to not use this option.

Brand Mock Page en 7
Brand Mock Page en 8
Brand Mock Page en 9

Brand Template Banner (40 character limit)

Alignment of copy and CTA button can be left, right, or centered. CTA button can only be white font on black button, or black font on white button. Banner sub-copy has a 500 character limit. Font of title and sub-copy can be custom selected. Option to make it full width, this banner is the tall/broad banner with CTA. Background can be a custom colour if no image is added.

Discover More Component (40 character limit)

Title of this component is required for this to appear, but the paragraph section and the CTA button is optional. This paragraph component has no character limit. You can bold or italicize the font, but font cannot be changed. This paragraph can add links to any custom URL.. CTA button format cannot be changed at all.

CTA 25 character limit

Promo Tile 1. Promo squares do not have a title or sub-copy

Promo Tile 2. Copy has no character limit

Promo Tile 3. Font cannot be changed, and is black

Promo Tile 4. Images are automatically formatted into fixed square images

Tile 1 (40 character limit)

Both tiles with CTA, Text color can be altered. Title, copy, and CTA button is optional. (It can be just a background image) Copy has a 190 character limit with spaces.

Tile 2 (40 character limit)

Square tile with blank tile colour

Video (40 character limit)

Video component only shows vimeo or youtube videos that are fully public. Age restricted videos show as an error. OCS Videos not supported because they are not fully public youtube videos. Sub-copy can be bold, italic, and link to custom URLs. Font cannot be changed. No character limit.