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Valens Agritech


Kelowna, BC

Prepare for your next Summit with Basecamp

Basecamp is a CBD only lineof beverages for any time of the day, anywhere you go. (Less than 1 mg of THC per bottle).

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A1. A simple name, a simple belief.

At A1 Cannabis, we created Basecamp and Summit to help you relax, reset, and reconnect with yourself, others, and nature. You are on the go and nothing should slow you down.. Our packaging is resealable, allowing you to consume some now and later.

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Basecamp CBD Iced Tea

Infused with 15 mg of CBD, this lightly sweetened iced tea is made with black tea and natural lemon flavours. With less than 1 mg of THC per bottle, you can consume with confidence anytime, anywhere. No taste or smell of cannabis.

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Discover your next summit with Basecamp.

Check out our lightly sweetened CBD Iced Tea

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