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Your 420 Favourites

420 is all about community, and this year we wanted to learn more about you — our customers — and what’s important to you when it comes to cannabis.

We polled more than two thousand visitors to find out everything from the way you like to smoke to your go-to-strain. Read on to see how your favourites stack up.


When you want to smoke, you…

Roll a Joint

No surprise here: your favourite way to smoke is to roll your own! Here are some other ways you like to light up:

#2 Smoke a bowl
#3 Grab a pre-roll


When you want to vape, you…

Grind and pack flower into your vaporizer

You’re willing to take the time to lovingly grind and pack that flower first — it’s all part of the experience. But in a pinch, you’ll also:

#2 Twist on your favourite cartridge 
#3 Add an extract to your extract vaporizer


Your favourite smoke-free way to consume is to…

Open a package of cannabis-infused chocolate (or soft chews)

Who doesn’t like a chocolate or soft chew to kick off their cannabis experience?
When you’re not reaching for the edibles, you’ll also:

#2 Take a dropper of oil
#3 Brew a hot cup of cannabis-infused tea


Your go-to strain is…

Pink Kush

This Indica-dominant hybrid with its brightly hued hairs is a true classic!
But there are so many to choose from. You also really liked:

#2 White Widow
#3 Tangerine Dream


The THC potency you prefer is…

Very strong (>20%)

Going in strong is your top choice. Although, everyone needs to ease up from time to time:

#2 Strong
#3 Medium



Want to know more? Find out what you said when we asked, What Does 420 Mean to You? Thanks for sharing your preferences with us! We enjoy getting to know you better and our goal is always to provide more of what you like. Whatever products you choose to mark the occasion, we wish you a happy and healthy 420!

What does 420
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What does 420 mean to you?
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