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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon

Get the low-down on the latest cannabis product releases at the OCS. Explore this sneak peek of new items — from pre-rolls to cannabis-infused edibles.

Here’s a look at the exciting new products coming to select Authorized Cannabis Stores and

It’s that time again: Tons of new products are dropping next month. We’re talking pre-rolls and flower and vapes (oh my!) — there’s something that everybody can(na) enjoy! Here are some of the highlights, coming soon to select Authorized Cannabis Stores and



Grape Cream Cake

14 g

Grape Cream Cake from QWEST

Rolled with only the top cuts of a small batch confectionery strain

Qwest’s deep appreciation for plants and process comes through in their high-calibre cannabis products. Grape Cream Cake is a delectable strain with Ice Cream Cake (ICC) strain lineage and an unmistakable aroma of grape, gas and spice. This potent product contains only top cuts of flower grown in small batches that are hang-dried and hand-trimmed.



Sativa 510 Thread Cartridge

1 X 1 g

Sativa 510 Thread Cartridge from COMMUNITY CANNABIS

Shopping vapes on a budget? No problem!

Community Cannabis flower is cultivated and harvested by a collective of independent growers. Their commitment to producing affordable products makes this new sativa vape perfect for those who want the most bang for their buck. Enjoy a flavourful blend of sweet and spicy in this 510 battery–compatible cartridge.



Indica 510 Thread Cartridge

1 x 1 g

Indica 510 Thread Cartridge from COMMUNITY CANNABIS

More of an indica fan? You got it!

Community Cannabis hasn’t left out indica lovers. Alongside their sativa is a sweet and sour, fruit-forward indica vape. Yes, it’s 510 battery–compatible. Yes, it’s cultivated and harvested by a collective of independent growers. Yes, it’s available for a price that’s hard to beat.



Mint Mayhem Infused Pre-Roll

3 × 1.5 g

Mint Mayhem Infused Pre-Roll from RAD

This infused pre-roll is bursting with a minty vanilla flavour.

An all-new infused pre-roll from RAD, Mint Mayhem is unbelievably potent, skillfully crafted and wrapped to perfection. Its premium quality flower surrounds the distillate core that runs down the centre with a bold sweet vanilla mint flavour.



Cherry Shockwave

355 ml

Cherry Shockwave from DULCES

A balanced 1:1 beverage that’s as sweet as it is sour

Dulces’s latest addition, Cherry Shockwave, offers a potent 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBD in each can. Dulces is dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients in their sodas. Not only is this fruity soda balanced in potency, but it also offers a balance of sweet and sour with its tart, tangy and sweet cherry flavour.



Cookie Cake

3.5 g

Cookie Cake from GREENSEAL

Cookies and Cake together at last!

A sweet and creamy sativa-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies, Cookie Cake was conceived through GreenSeal’s in-house Nursery program, an ongoing pheno-hunt that develops new strains through genetic selection across a fully optimized, six-tiered indoor growing environment. This potent strain with 2–5% terpenes is a winner.



100% Natural Muscle & Joint Balm Kit with Gua Sha Massage Tool

1000 mg

100% Natural Muscle & Joint Balm Kit with Gua Sha Massage Tool from AIKI SKIN

A CBD topical with a massage tool for tension relief

The latest topical from Aiki Skin is a balm made with natural ingredients and 1000 mg total CBD. Rub the balm on your sore muscles and joints. For an even deeper penetration, use the handy Gua Sha massage tool. This product is free of alcohol, preservatives, parabens, silicones, fragrances and chemicals.




Organic Gold Butter MAC

14 g


A triple cross strain that’s grown in living soil

TGOD has done it again with another totally original phenotype. This cross of Peanut Butter Breath and Quebec Gold (male) and MAC-1 (female) is a unique cultivar with a smooth, roasted cream flavour and a pungent aroma. TGOD grows their cannabis with a focus on preserving natural qualities, using natural sunlight, purified rainwater and organic living soil for all their flower including this indica-dominant hybrid.



Sage N’ Sour Hash

2 g

Sage N’ Sour Hash from MTL CANNABIS

Now available in a classic, hash concentrate format!

This brand-new concentrate is made from Sage N’ Sour, an aromatic sativa strain from MTL’s unique strain library. Sticky and pliable with a dark brown texture, this cross between Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E has a sour citrus flavour, followed by earthy and gassy undertones, which make for one pungent, peppery product.



Assorted Multi Pack

12 × 0.3 g

Assorted Multi Pack from 5 POINTS CANNABIS

Sativa, indica and hybrid in one convenient pre-roll pack!

Take the pressure off choosing with four pre-rolls each of three different strain varieties. Zsweet is a sweet sativa with pale green buds and a spicy aroma, Planet of the Grapes is an intensely aromatic indica with an earthy citrus nose and ZXFPOG is a dense hybrid with a fruity sweet aroma. All strains are over 18% THC and have a guaranteed 3–5% terpene profile.



Monsters Golden Guy Infused Pre-Roll

1 x 2.3 g

Monsters Golden Guy Infused Pre-Roll from GOOD SUPPLY

Good Supply unleashes a beast.

Good Supply is launching their new Monsters line of products with Golden Guy, an elevated pre-roll consisting of milled Jean Guy flower infused with Golden Goat butane hash oil (BHO) concentrate, rolled together in a giant 2.3 g cone that’s been coated in slow-burning wax then dipped in kief. This potent pre-roll has the maximum potency allowable at 1000 mg THC.



Heavy Hitter Flower & Diamonds Infused Pre-Roll

1 x 0.7 g

Heavy Hitter Flower & Diamonds Infused Pre-Roll from 1964

An infused pre-roll with handcrafted THCA diamonds

This potent hybrid pre-roll features THCA diamonds infused with a rotating flower selection. 1964’s flower is grown in living soil using only organic inputs. While high THC content is consistent, the flavour and aroma of each run will be the unique result of the featured flower.



Spliff Caddy Pre-Rolls

28 × 0.5 g

Spliff Caddy Pre-Rolls from 1SPLIFF

A best-of-both-worlds approach to one big pack of pre-rolls

Enjoy 14 pre-rolls each of two great 1Spliff indica cultivars. Island Pink has notes of sweet vanilla and earthy floral flavour. Purple Aya sports an aroma of sour papaya and an earthy fruit flavour. Each pre-roll contains 0.5 g of milled flower.



Chocolate + Peanuts

10 × 1 mg

Chocolate + Peanuts from GAS STATION

A sweet and salty way to control your experience – one peanut at a time

Gas Station has innovated within the edible category using its TrueDosing™ technology, which allows for accurate dosing control of as little as 0.5 mg. This product includes 10 individual roasted peanuts enveloped in delicious dark chocolate, each infused with exactly 1 mg of THC. Indulge with confidence and enjoy a reliable way to moderate your experience.

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