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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon for June 2023

Here’s a look at the exciting new products coming to select Authorized Cannabis Stores and starting this June.

Here’s a look at the exciting new products coming to select Authorized Cannabis Stores and starting this June.

Spring is here and fresh flowers are on their way! Starting this June, find brand-new spring products like a cotton candy–flavoured edible and an infused wild raspberry lemonade. Here are some highlights of what will soon be blooming up at select Authorized Cannabis Stores and


Pink Sherbs Live Resin 510

1 g
Sherbinskis vape

A live resin vape cart with a sweet and creamy flavour.

This 510-thread vape cartridge from Sherbinskis is made from fresh frozen flower using a hydrocarbon extraction process. Filled with 1 g of flavourful live resin with a THC range of 75% to 81%, it has a sweet, creamy, fruit flavour that hails from its Gelato strain roots.


Heavy Hitter THC:CBN 510 Vape Cart

1 x 2 g 
heavy hitter vape

A potent indica in a large 2 g vape cartridge 

This large format 510-thread vape cartridge is filled with 2 g of highly potent, indica-dominant cannabis distillate with a 2:1 ratio of THC:CBN. Dymond’s proprietary ceramic core features enhanced vapour flow so you can better taste its berry, pine and diesel flavour notes.



Wild Raspberry Lemonade

10 mg
wild raspberry lemonade

A spring-worthy, fizzy raspberry lemonade 

The fresh, authentic fruit flavours of RIFF’s first beverage come from real fruit juices and natural flavours. Plus, RIFF used nano-emulsion technology to infuse their Wild Raspberry Lemonade with 10 mg of THC, which leaves no cannabis aftertaste behind. 



TKO CBN 1:1:1 Soft Chews

5 x 2 mg 
TKO CBN Soft Chews

A natural cannabis-flavoured soft chew with equal parts THC, CBD and CBN

Dymond Concentrates embraced the true flavour of cannabis for these strain-specific, nano-shatter soft chews made without added flavour, dyes, gluten or animal products. Enjoy five gummies with 2 mg each of THC, CBD and CBN per piece. 


Lemon Pie 510 Vape Cartridge

1.2 g
lemon pie vape 

A competitively priced, large-format vape cartridge

The latest 510-thread vape cartridge from Versus is a sweet, sour and buttery cannabis distillate with 80% to 83% THC and an added blend of natural terpenes. It’s big on taste and big on size, making this long-lasting vape a true contender for one of the lowest-priced offerings in its weight class. 



Huckleberry Lemonade

10 mg

huckleberry lemonade

Real lemons, real huckleberries, real sugar — real good 

Ray’s newest Huckleberry Lemonade cannabis beverage is made from real sugar, natural fruit flavours and natural colours for a deliciously authentic taste with only a hint of cannabis. It’s a lightly-carbonated beverage, making it easy to enjoy the 10 mg of THC gradually over time if preferred. 



Cotton Candy

10 mg

Classic carnival flavour in a sugar-coated soft chew 

Glenn’s latest confectionery creation is a classic cotton candy flavour with a hint of blue raspberry. This pink and blue swirled soft chew is infused with 10 mg of tasteless THC and has a sweet sugar coating. 



Cacao Cream Cookie F Bomb 1:1 

8 x 1.25 mg

cacao cream cookies

A snackable bag of chocolate and cream sandwich cookies 

For those who like big things that come in small packages, Fubar’s bag of mini sandwich cookies has you covered. Enjoy eight bite-sized, one-inch cookies with 1.25 mg of THC each.  




3.5 g


A super potent craft indica strain in an eco-conscious tin

Truro has put in the effort to hang-dry, hand-trim and hand-package the popular indica-dominant strain, Titanimal. With 27% to 33% THC, this Animal CKS x Platinum Kush Mints cross is earthy sweet with a notable minty flavour preserved by carefully slow-curing the flower for 21 to 28 days. 



Hazes + Jacks

7 g
haze and jacks

A rotating flower that features only sativa-dominant Haze and Jack genetics

Purplefarms rotating genetic offering, Hazes + Jacks, promises to deliver craft flower exclusively from these sativa-leaning genetic lineages. Orange CK MAC is the first up with high THC and a flavour of grapefruit and floral herbs from the dominant terpenes terpinolene, caryophyllene and myrcene. 



Gentle Hydrating Mist

150 mg

A brand-new hydrating CBD topical that shouldn’t be mist

This facial moisturizer from Nuveev is a gentle, lightweight misting product with 150 mg total of CBD and a subtle cucumber aroma. It’s intended for instant delivery of moisture to help combat dryness, and it features added plant extracts including grapeseed, bisabolol and cucumber, as well as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. 



Berry 1:1 Rapid Spray

1 x 100 mg
berry rapid spray

An accurate, convenient and berrylicious cannabis extract

This 1:1 rapid spray contains an 100 mg each of THC and CBD in a berry-flavoured, ethanol-based cannabis extract. Each spray provides a metered dose of 1 mg each of THC and CBD. For a rapid onset, it can be sprayed directly under the tongue, or it can be ingested with food or beverages for a slower edible experience. 



Diamond Drops

10 x 10 mg

diamond drops

Breath mints with a rapid onset and 10 mg THC each

Diamond Drops are made from THCa diamonds (concentrate) and Dymond’s patented water-soluble THC formula, giving these small capsules a rapid onset. Each minty capsule contains 10 mg of THC with a subtle peppermint flavour, totalling 100 mg of THC per pack. 



LPC Ceramic Tip Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

3 x 0.5 g

LPC Ceramic Tip Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

An indica-dominant hybrid infused with potent diamond concentrate 

These 0.5 g pre-rolls feature LPC, an indica-dominant hybrid with Sunset Sherbet roots. Each perfectly manicured pre-roll is infused with diamond concentrates that increase its potency to 40% THC and is finished with a ceramic tip that enhances airflow and promotes a slow, even burn.  



Tropical Punch 1:1

5 x 0.7 g

tropical punch

A CBD twist on Purple Punch with a balance of THC and CBD 

These straight pre-rolls feature a cross of Purple Punch with a CBD-dominant cross of Harlequin x ACDC. The result? A craft strain for those who appreciate a balance of THC and CBD. Its dominant terpenes are beta-caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene. 



Bubble Bath

3.5 g / 14 g 

bubble bath

Don’t let the name fool you this craft flower is no topical

Bubble Bath is the latest drop from the craft cannabis producer Qwest. It has a strong gas aroma with notes of pine and citrus, and 24% to 30% THC. With buds that are absolutely caked in trichomes, it has an almost suds-covered appearance, which is how this indica strain got its name.



Pineapple Paradise Juiced Infused Pre-Roll

5 x 0.5 g

pineapple paradise

A potent, fruit-forward, distillate-infused hybrid pre-roll 

What do you get when you take Pineapple Express flower and infuse it with Pineapple Express cannabis distillate? Pineapple Paradise, an infused hybrid pre-roll with an unmistakably fruity flavour of tropical pineapple and mango and a potent 32% to 39% THC. 


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