Facts About Cannabis Consumption

Storing Cannabis

How to keep your family safe and your cannabis from spoiling.


  • Our cannabis products come in child-safe containers.
  • Dried cannabis should be kept in cool, dry locations.
  • Most cannabis oil can be stored at room temperatures.

Cannabis sold at OCS.ca will be packaged in child-safe containers and clearly labelled with the date it was packaged and its “best before” date according to federal law.

For the added safety of people and pets in your home and for the preservation of the product, it’s important to store cannabis securely. We recommend using lockable containers.

If a child does ingest cannabis, contact emergency services right away. Pets should be brought to the vet immediately.

Here are some tips to safely store your cannabis:

Storing Dried Cannabis

Keep your cannabis in a cool location and in a dry, airtight container, away from moisture, which can cause mildew, and away from light, which can reduce potency-but not in your fridge or freezer.

Mason jars with rubber seals are inexpensive and often recommended, but it’s always best to keep your cannabis locked, properly labelled and far out of reach.

Properly stored, dried cannabis should maintain its properties for 12 months, but check the product’s packaging for more detailed information.

Storing Cannabis Oils

Oils may be stored at room temperatures and some can be refrigerated; it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s label instructions. If storing at room temperature, keep oils in airtight opaque glass containers to protect from bright light and oxygen. When storing in a fridge, be sure they are marked conspicuously.

Cannabis oil extracts should be safe to consume for one to two years if stored in the dark at room temperature, but check the product’s packaging for more detailed information.


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